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DataEthics4All is hosting the Ethics4NextGen AI Summit, Bootcamp and Hackathon to raise the next generation of Inclusive AI.

Dates: September 17-20, 2020

September 17, 2020: Day 1: Ethics4NextGen AI Summit

C-Suite and Youth Keynotes, Fireside Chat and Panel Discussions.

September 18, 2020: Day 2: Ethics4NextGen Bootcamp and Mentoring

FREE AI and Ethics Training and Mentoring for all Participants.

September 19-20, 2020: Days 3 and 4: Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon

Team Matchmaking will be provided to ensure cognitive diversity to ideate creative solutions for building the next generation of inclusive AI systems.

Who can Participate: People from all backgrounds – technical and nontechnical are invited to participate in this unique Hackathon.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this hackathon: Attorneys, Ethicists, Healthcare Professionals, Policy Makers, Law Keepers, concerned Citizens, Marketers, Designers, Developers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Engineers, Analysts, and Data Scientists.

Ages: For anyone age 16+

The Problem.

We believe that in order to remove systemic discrimination, it’s important to raise the next generation of Inclusive AI algorithms.

Algorithms that are unbiased because the data fed into them are inclusive. Inclusive of all Race, Gender, Color, and Socioeconomic Backgrounds.

Train AI systems with biased data and there will be biased inferences. Fair representation in data is the key to solving all of these issues because DATA MATTERS. CONTEXT MATTERS.

The Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon is our way of taking Action and standing up to unjust and unfair societal behavior.

Participants will bring unique and creative solutions to these problems.

Ideal Teams will be inclusive and diverse with people from technical and nontechnical backgrounds, as well as people from impacted communities.

Hackathon Challenges.

We have 3 exciting Hackathon Challenges: AI in Criminal Justice, AI in Predictive Policing and AI in COVID-19 Contact Tracing.

AI in Criminal Justice

AI in Criminal Justice

AI in criminal justice system is used to predict re-offense rates, determine prison time, the granting of parole and the setting of bail bonds. Your freedom hangs on an algorithm that assigns weights and points to your life. Who makes sure the AI is fair and just? You do! How will you do that?

AI in Predictive Policing

AI in Predictive Policing

AI in Predictive Policing is basically a nightmarish sequel of the movie Minority Report. Launched to help curb crime, it has been used against the Black, Hispanic communities, criminalizing their locations and their movements. Do you see any good in this tech? Can it be salvaged to benefit us?

AI in Contact Tracing

AI in COVID-19 Contact Tracing

AI is inside Covid-19 Contact tracing Apps. To track your symptoms, and your every movement to alert your local authorities, your neighbors and friends. How do you know that this is all for your benefit? Will it be used against you later? If yes, how will you stop it? If no, how can you be so sure?

Meet Our Sponsors.

Sponsor the Ethics4NextGen AI Summit + Bootcamp + Hackathon.

Help in raising the next generation of Inclusive AI.

Ethics4NextGen AI Sponsor

What Our Sponsors Are Saying.

Austin Hunter

Public Policy, World Economic Forum

Renee Lahti

Digital Transformation Board Advisor, Chief Innovation and Data Officer

Hackathon Solutions + Judging Criteria.

5 Tracks for Impactful Outcomes

1. Visualization: An Interactive Dashboard

Improved Insights via Data Visualizations

2. Model: A Reproducible Notebook

Improved/New AI Models

3. Application: A Clickable Prototype

Targeted AI Driven Applications

4. Policy: Bill of Rights

Technology Married Impactful Policies

5. Hybrid: Any of the Above

A Hybrid of Any Of The Above

Hackathon Goalposts.

Your Solutions to the Hackathon Challenges must have an Ethics + Inclusion Lens

1. Examine the Data

Is there fair representation in the Dataset/s you’ve chosen to work with for your Challenge?

Can you prove that there is or isn’t fair representation in the Dataset/s you’re working with?

2. Examine the AI Model

Can you prove that the methods and domains used and the assumptions in the AI Models are fair or that they are biased?

3. Ask the Right Questions

How we can we be as objective and inclusive as possible as we interrogate and present data as well as interpret it’s results?

4. Creative Ways of Correction

How do we detect and correct biased inferences from an incorrectly trained ML?

5. Fair Representation in Data

How can we ensure that there is fair representation in data for all protected characteristics?

6. Unbiased AI Models

How can we create AI Models that are not biased by our background, upbringing, education and experiences?

Hackathon Benefits.

Benefits of Participating in the Hackathon:

1. Take Action

Stand up against Systemic Injustice in Society.

2. Raise the Next Generation of AI

Help in raising the next generation of Inclusive AI.

3. Support Responsible and Inclusive Technology Innovation

Help in developing, innovating and using responsible and inclusive technologies that include ethical use of data and artificial intelligence.

4. Lead Social Impact

Apply Data in an ethical way to reduce Racial and Cultural divide in society.

5. Be a Catalyst

Be a Catalyst in building a more Equitable, Inclusive, Culture Rich and Just Society.

6. Save Lives

Build Racial & Cultural Equity through Tech and help save lives.

The Awards.


All Hackathon Participants

Will receive a Digital Badge, A Certificate of Participation and a chance to participate in the Ethics4NextGen Mentoring Program.

5 Winning Teams

One Winning Team for Each of the 5 Hackathon Output Tracks: Visualization, Model, Application, Policy and Hybrid will each have the option to continue working on their Solutions by joining the Ethics4NextGen AI Accelerator and each Member of the 5 Winning Teams will be offered DataEthics4All Internships to work on AI Research or AI Projects.


Grand Prize Winner

One Team from the 5 Winning Teams in each Output Track will be chosen as the Grand Prize Winner. This Team will be awarded AI Books sponsored by some Individual Sponsors from our Community.

Judges/ Mentor’s Choice Award

$100 Cash Prize will be awarded to any Team whose solution directly helps Community Members from the Impacted, Minority or Marginalized Communities. This could be but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ and others.

What Participants Are Saying.

The opportunity to understand more about how to stop Bias when using Data.

Natacha Santiago

Digital Transformation Consultant | Business Analyst | Project Manager | Business Change | Operational Optimisation

Giving entrepreneurs experience and training in designing AI systems with ethics in mind from the beginning.

Ryan Jenkins

Qualitative Technology Policy and Ethics Analysis

Racial bias is a huge issue in today’s world. I would love to be involved in something that is working on a solution.

Madison Chambers-Garcia

Marketing Student at Woodbury University

I am excited about honing my programming skills and working towards solutions for issues involving the criminal justice system, curved contact tracing and more.

Esha Kapoor

Business Marketing Intern at Numerade

The challenges posed by this Hackathon are so incredibly important, particularly because they form the underappreciated backbone underpinning a lot of inequality. So I’m looking forward to drawing them out into the light and figuring out how to address them!

Christina Socci

Program Manager at The Policing Project

Learning further about the Criminal Justice System and working in a team to create solutions to create a fair and just society.

Polina Chestak

Criminology and Social Policy Student at Loughborough University

I think that it’s incredibly important to address the systemic biases being entrenched into algorithms within the criminal justice system and to be able to use technology to reduce existing flaws rather than exacerbate or ensconce them, so I’m incredibly excited to work with others on projects in this body of work!

Olwyn Doyle

Junior Business Operations Analyst at Synergetics Inc. / Undergraduate Researcher at Superhuman Computer Lab

I think it’s up to us as people and technologists to help define structures and influence policy making to ensure ethics are mandatorily thought of when building new technology.

Supriya Medapati

eCommerce Product Leader | Emtech | Digital Transformation

I am happy that this hackathon gives a platform to the underrepresented (in tech).

Deondra Harriott

Customer Success Specialist - Salesforce security and governance

The multidisciplinary nature of policy, ethics and AI. The world has to move in this direction so we should do it the right way and this is a great platform for so.

Ashwini Kumar

Assistant Vice President-Analytics@EXL | Data Science Leader & Crusader

The fact that I’m working towards making a difference in a field that interests me. Usually I feel helpless with the injustices that happen. This hackathon is perfect in helping with change. Taking action in a field I’m fairly confident in would be the most effective in achieving results.

Syema Ailia

Research And Development Intern at The University of Texas at Austin

I’m so passionate about the Ethics of AI and the aim of this Hackathon is alongside “The Good AI” community which I just joined and it’s a catalyst for mindful, fair, and responsible AI usage.

Fatemeh Pahlevan Aghababa

Lead Software Engineer, Software Engineer Head, CTO

Meeting new people in this field, making a contribution to something that is positive and meaningful for social impact and change in a positive way.

Rhonda Moore

Senior Advisor, Science and Innovation at Institute on Governance

Data should be used in an ethical manner that it can revolutionize, expose new insight and innovate in consideration of keeping the data privacy and impact on the community.

Gaurav Koradiya

Data Scientist @ Casepoint LLC || Mentor at Hackmaker

The potential for social and racial justice using technology

Mayank Kejriwal

Research Lead at Information Sciences Institute

The themes this Hack is tackling are really interesting and challenging which pushes not just the participants but the mentors to actually innovate and build awesome solutions.

Harshit Saraswat

AI Engineer | Machine Learner | AI Enthusiast | Mentor

To be true, though there has been so many hackathons round the globe, I esp love this one for the concept and domain they have chosen to carry forward

Srinevetha Asaithambi Rajalakshmi

Machine Learning Engineer at TCS | Mentor at Hackmakers

Opportunity gain deeper knowledge around AI ethics and give back to the larger community

Bruce Hoffman

AI Enthusiast, Connector, Startup Mentor, Innovative Product Management, Machine Learning, Hackathons

Working on ethical AI projects that consider all users and data security, excited to learn and gain new insights from data on how to make AI diverse and accessible to all.

Samantha Wigglesworth

Teacher at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, Founder of Language School Tutors

Reducing bias using ML and AI is the cornerstone of my life’s mission. Ethics4NextGen’s mission falls in line with my values.

Jazmia Henry

Penn Computer Science Masters Candidate | Data Strategist at Morgan Stanley

I am looking to do more research in the “social good” and fairness areas, and I think this is a great way to start getting plugged in to this community and to engage with key ideas in these fields. I’m very excited to learn from subject matter experts and hopefully to contribute my skill sets to some useful application.

Aparna Ananthasubramaniam

Information Ph.D. Student at University of Michigan

A chance to support and work with others on #BLM in practical ways while learning better the challenges we all face.

Mei Lin Fung

Chair & Cofounder, People Centered Internet, Chair Impact Network, Chair IEEE IC Social Impact Measurement




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The Team.

Founder and CEO, DataEthics4All Foundation
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Guest, DataEthics4All Live
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

A Partial List of Our Impressive List of Amazing Supporters: Ambassador, Mentors, SMEs and Volunteers.

Mentors and Subject Matter Experts.

Founder/IP Attorney at Luminé IP Solutions
Artificial Intelligence Policy Counsel, the Future of Privacy Forum
Data Science Lead at Airbnb
Program Manager at The Policing Project
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Attorney, Police and Technology Fellow at Policing Project
Business Director, Team Synthesis WPP
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

The Judges.

Data Protection Officer, Lidl US
Professor and Director of the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group at Cal Poly
Deputy Attorney General at Department of Justice

The Ambassadors.

Director, Chief Data and Analytics Officer Research Team at Gartner
Member, DataEthics4All Think Tank Community
President Emeritus, DataEthics4All AI Youth Council
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Lawyer at The Equal Justice Society
Global Head, Health Economics & Outcomes Research at AbbVie | NYU Wagner School Professor
Associate Dean of Engineering at San Jose State University
EMEA Product Lead, Google
MIT Inspire CS-AI Fellowship at MIT Teaching System Lab
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Managing Director Infrastructure Consulting, Accenture
Activation Lead / Ethics & Society at Microsoft
CEO & Managing Partner, Somerset Partners
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
VP, Data & Analytics Events & Digital Offerings at Corinium Global Intelligence
Corporate Strategy, Data Science & Systems Integration
Growth Director, Cyber-Duck
Assitant Dean, Office of the Dean at University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

The Partners.

DataEthics4All Partner
DataEthics4All Partner
DataEthics4All Partner
DataEthics4All Partner
DataEthics4All Partner
DataEthics4All Partner

Come Change The World.

Be a Catalyst in creating a more Equitable Society, rich in Culture, Race and Ethnicity with Tech having it’s rightful place and used for Social Good.

Corporate Sponsor.

Sponsor the Ethics4NextGen AI Summit + Bootcamp + Hackathon as a Corporate Sponsor, Show Support for Ethics + Diversity + Inclusion in Tech and help in raising the next generation of Inclusive AI.

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