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EMEA Product Lead, Google

Toju Duke.

Toju is Google Product Lead for Europe, Middle East and Africa with over 15 years experience spanning across Advertising, Retail, Not-For Profits and Tech. Toju focuses on go to market strategies for emerging products with exceptional results on business growth and customer success. With a proven track record on business success and project management, she is the Project Manager for Women in AI Ireland and Founder of Refyne, with a keen interest in Ethical AI and Transparency where she’s currently working on examining bias in data sets. Toju also advocates for transparent and bias free AI aimed at reducing systemic injustices and furthering equality. She is committed to ensuring AI drives social good while acknowledging all backgrounds and cultures of society. Watch her DataEthics4All Fireside Chat on Bias in AI and COVID-19 Healthcare Solutions: https://www.dataethics4all.org/events/dataethics4all-live-bias-in-ai-and-covid-19-healthcare-solutions-with-toju-duke-at-google

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