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Who We Are.

The Mission of DataEthics4All Foundation, a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Certifying Organization is to Raise Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions!

Our National Nonprofit 501(c)(3), DataEthics4All provides Scholarships to economically disadvantaged students for our STEAM in AI College Prep Research and Build Career Mentoring and Experiential Learning Program.

Come, Join Us as we Raise the Next Generation of Ethics 1st Data and AI Leaders!

What We Do.

We offer the following Programs to advance our Mission:

1. STEAM in AI College Prep, Career Mentoring and Experiential Learning for High School Students.

2. Ethics 1st Data and AI Challenges for High School Students to earn Volunteer Hours and learning an Ethics 1st Mindset.

3. A Global Community of Data and AI Leaders from 55 Countries across the World to network, learn and engage.

Why Intern with Us?.

We have several unpaid Internship Opportunities and they come with a lot of Perks.

1. Opportunity to gain high visibility and credibility as a DataEthics4All Intern and emerging thought leader in the Data and AI Ethics ecosphere with your published work under our brand umbrella!

2. Opportunity to work with an amazingly diverse team of data advocates, data and policy thought leaders, and change-makers!

3. Opportunity to network and grow your network with a Global community of technology leaders, data ethics advocates, C-Suite tech, and policy leaders, emerging change-makers that span many disciplines across the globe!

4. Opportunity to get Mentorship from our amazing Leaders in our Leadership Council!

5. Get front row tickets to all our events like Town Halls, Conferences and Summits!

6. Opportunity to earn LinkedIn recommendations based on your performance.

7. Opportunity to earn a letter of recommendation from our leadership team based on your performance.

8. Opportunity to gain volunteer hours for your Volunteer Service and apply them towards the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Eligibility criteria applies).

Open Positions.

Currently, we have the following Summer and All Year Round Internship Positions available.

DataEthics4All Foundation Internship Interest Form

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This is an unpaid internship opportunity and comes with several perks.

Time Commitment

As you know, work weeks are typically 40 hours per week, and an Internship is no different. However, while a lot of our full-time student Interns take this on as a Summer Internship and are able to devote 40 hours per week, some students want to seize the opportunity of working with DataEthics4All Foundation all year round and are therefore able to devote 20+ hours per week. We do expect a time commitment of at least 20 hours per week from you. Please state the average number of hours per week you plan on devoting to this internship at the time of applying. Hours are flexible and you will be able to work around your schedule.


Our internships have a minimum duration of 3 months, to begin with, and can be extended or may be terminated sooner based on your performance and your contribution to the team.


You will be asked to maintain and share a Google spreadsheet with the dates, times you’ve worked and the tasks you’ve carried out each week.
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Maximum 2 minutes
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Eligibility Criteria for The President's Volunteer Service Award(PVSA): https://dataethics4all.org/earn-the-presidents-volunteer-service-award-by-volunteering-for-dataethics4all/ 1. Must be a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States (i.e., green card holder) 2. Must be at least five years old 3. Completes eligible service within a 12-month period (for annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards) and over a lifetime (for Lifetime Achievement Awards) 4. Must be unpaid acts of volunteer service

Thank you for your interest in interning with us! We appreciate it.

Raising Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions.



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