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Data Protection Officer, Lidl US

Joe O’Murchadha.

Joe O’Murchadha is a corporate attorney specializing in compliance, privacy and risk management. He has rich international exposure across the corporate, nonprofit, government and intergovernmental spheres, in a broad range of roles. Before becoming an attorney, Joe worked for the UN-IOM handling matters ranging from post-conflict family reunification to emergency evacuations from conflict zones. Qualifying as an attorney in New York, and gaining admission to practice law in Germany, Joe transitioned into the corporate legal world by joining E.ON, at the time the largest investor-owned energy company in the world, where he helped to establish a global shared service center of competence for HR in Germany and accounting services in Romania. In his current role as Head of Corporate Compliance & Ethics | Data Protection Officer, Joe has lead the establishment of the Compliance, Ethics & Privacy group at Lidl US, the fourth largest retailer in the world, as it began its market entry into the United States. In addition to being an attorney, Joe is also a certified privacy professional, compliance officer and fraud examiner.

Data Protection 00%

Corporate Compliance 00%

Data Ethics 00%

Fraud Examination 00%

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