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Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

Renée B. (McKaskle) Lahti.

Renée B. (McKaskle) Lahti is a DataEthics4All Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, a member of the DataEthics4All Advisory Council, an active member of the DataEthics4All Think Tank Community and an Ambassador for the Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon. As the Chief Innovation and Data Officer (CIDO) and Advisory Board Certified Chair, Renée B. (McKaskle) Lahti is successful at bringing global digital transformation. She creates sustainable business advantage for enterprises leveraging the economic power of renewable data, global human capital footprint, Design Thinking methodology and an inclusive and diverse culture philosophy. Renee's demonstrated results include competitive propensity-to-buy models, a curious and vibrant entrepreneurial business culture, and industry-leading customer/employee experiences. She's a Change-provoking executive who passionately sponsors STEM/STEAM programs. Renee promotes the importance of inclusion and diversity in Thought-Word-Deed, demonstrating how diversity of thought drives better business solutions to global challenges. DataEthics4All is proud to call her a DIET Champion 2021 for her work in Data and Diversity, Inclusion, Ethics and Equity in Technology, AI and Society.

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