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DataEthics4All Foundation's Mission.

DataEthics4All Foundation is a Public Benefit Corporation. The Mission of DataEthics4All Foundation, a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Certifying Organization is to Raise Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions!


Some of the Programs and Initiatives that DataEthics4All Foundation has launched and built till date and their Impact:

1. DataEthics4All Community – Home to Data and AI Professionals from 55 Countries across the Globe.

2. Advisory Council – World’s 1st Independent (no Fiduciary Responsibility) Advisory Council on Data Ethics to create awareness on the ethical use of the entire data pipeline.

3. Leadership Council – Our Task Force with Members from different parts of the globe.

4. AI Youth Council – 1st Council for Youth Leaders on Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence.

5. STEAM in AI – College Prep, Career Mentoring and Experiential Learning. We match a High School Student with a Data and AI Expert for a hands on project in Research or Data Science.

6. Ethics 1st Data and AI Challenges – First Organization to bring Data and AI Challenges for High School Students to help them develop an Ethics Mindset and earn Volunteer Hours for Community Service. 

7. Data Ethics Institute – 15+ On Demand Courses, Bootcamps on Data and AI Ethics including 3 specially designed AI Ethics Courses for Youth.

8. Town Hall – A Think Tank Community event designed to have an open discussion and sharing of wisdom across generations on relevant topics related to Data and AI Ethics. Hosted several Town Halls on topics such as ‘The Impact of Social Media Algorithms on the lives of Young Adults‘, ‘The Metaverse is here. But is it ethical‘, ‘Hate crimes and the role of Technology in minimizing them‘, ‘The Impact of Technology on Post-Quarantine Social Normsand more.

9. AI DIET 100 Champions List – Our list of 100 DIET Champions, unlike any other list out there, to honor Trailblazers in the fields of Data, Diversity, Inclusion, Impact, Ethics, Equity, Teams and Technology.

10. Free STEM Tutoring Club – More than Homework Help, instant answers, peer support, fall in love with the subject, peer to peer tutoring.

11. AI DIET Returnship for Women+ – An inclusive program to help Women+ in Tech with a Career Gap to re-enter the Workforce.

12. AI DIET Magazine – First Magazine designed not just to inform readers on the AI / ML and Data Science landscape but to provide a holistic view on the topic from the cognitive lenses of DIET: Data & Diversity, Inclusion & Impact, Ethics & Equity, Teams & Technology.

13. AI DIET World – Champions, Career Fair and Solutions Hack. A Celebration of Ethics 1st minded People, Companies and Products. A LinkedIn Live Virtual Event with Keynote Speakers from IBM, Google, AWS, HCL Technologies, Go Daddy. Attended by 350+ Data and AI Professionals worldwide.

14. Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon & Summit – One of a kind event with many many firsts. The first Hackathon on Criminal Justice and Predictive Policing after the George Floyd incident. First Hackathon designed for non Techies. First Hackathon to use an AI Algorithm to create diverse and inclusive teams.

15. AI Society -The first Directory that would give Customers a choice of rating AI Solutions not just by Price, Ease of Use, Features and Customer Service but also for Ethics, Privacy and Trust. Today, our AI Society is ready with 100 AI Solutions and they’re now open for Customer Reviews.

16. Ethics 1st Job Board – An exclusive Job Board to collate job opportunities related to Ethics 1st – Data Privacy, Data Governance, Ethics and Compliance, AI Ethics and Responsible AI.

17. 12 Pillar Data Ethics Framework – A Framework for Companies thinking of adopting and implementing Data Ethics from the ground up in an organization.

18. Think Tank – Research, Trends, Insights, Guide related to Data and AI Ethics topics important to the Industry such as Job Landscape, Biometic Data Compliance, D&I Pipeline.

19. DataEthics4All Live – A Series of Fireside Chats with Industry Leaders. 14 Episodes.

20. Ethics 1st Live – A Series of LinkedIn Live Fireside Chat with Industry Leaders. 16 Episodes. Includes a star-studded panel on the DELETE Act with Industry Veterans and Senator Josh Becker.

21. My Journey into Tech – A Fireside Chat designed to help High School Students explore STEAM, Data and AI Career Paths through the story of a Technologist.

22. Internships Opportunities for College Students to get real industry experience, career mentoring and recommendations in various fields. DataEthics4All Foundation is an Oxford Career Services Partner since 2020 and actively recruits from Universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley and 50+ Universities nationwide. We’ve hosted more than 25 Interns so far.

23. Presidential Volunteer Service Awards – As a PVSA Certifying Organization, we track volunteer hours and have awarded The PVSA to 10 of our most engaged Volunteers so far in Bronze, Silver and Gold categories. This is an exclusive award for U.S. Citizens and is the highest award for Community Service in the Country. Award recipients receive a signed letter of appreciation from The President of the United States of America.

24. Annual Volunteer Appreciation Gala – DataEthics4All Foundation is most fortunate to have the support of 100+ Volunteers worldwide and we recognize and thank them in our annual volunteer appreciation gala with Certificates of Appreciation.

25. AIDIET4America – An Initiative to create America’s biggest coalition of AI for Data, Impact, Equity and Teams because America needs an AI DIET!

26. Ethics 1st Tech Entrepreneurs Club – An effort to help high school students learn ethical tech entrepreneurship by means of healthy competiton.

27. College Application Summer Camp – A Week long Summer Camp designed for High School Students to gain an overview of the College Application Process and how to ace College Admission Essay Writing. Provided 16 need based Scholarships.

28. 5M5Y – Our Pledge to help 5 Million economically disadvantaged students in 5 Years.

29. Tech Mixers – Hosted Holiday and Networking Mixers for Professionals and Students.

30. Movie Day – Hosted a Netflix Movie Viewing Party for ‘The Social Dilemma’.

31. Clubs and Chapters – An Initiative to help Students from High Schools and Colleges to bring data and AI ethics mindset to their peers, gain leadership experience and earn volunteer hours by starting a Club or Chapter.

32. DeepLearning.AI Event Ambassador – DeepLearning.AI started by Andrew Ng, Chairman and Founder of Coursera is an education technology company that is empowering the global workforce to build an AI-powered future through world-class education, hands-on training, and a collaborative community. We’re proud to be a DeepLearning.AI Event Ambassador.

33. Federal Trade Commission – Contributed by submitting comments to FTC’s Regulation Rule on ‘Commercial Surveillance and Data Security’.

34. U.S. Artificial Intelligence Commission – Submitted an RFI for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Technology Engagement Center Artificial Intelligence Commission.

35. U.S. Department of Education Engage Every Student is a bold new call to action by the U.S. Department of Education to provide high-quality out-of-school time learning opportunities for every child who wants to participate. DataEthics4All Foundation is a proud Engage Every Student Ally.

36. U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Our work on ‘Building an Equity- Driven Workforce‘ has been featured on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Center for Education and Workforce.

37. American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) Closing Keynote by Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and CEO, DataEthics4All Foundation at AMSC’s Data Analytics Conference. ASMC is the premier organization bringing people together in advancing thought leadership, professionalism, and ethics within the National Security financial management community serving the United States Department of Army, Defense, Navy, Space Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and the Air Force.

38. Audience – Global audience reach of 100,000+.

Advisory Council.

Founder and CEO, DataEthics4All Foundation
Chief Data Officer, TD Ameritrade
VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Hitachi Vantara
VP & Global Chief Data Officer, GE
Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company
President of Helia & Chief Data Officer, Havas
VP of ML/AI at Zscaler
Data Strategist, IBM
Data Protection Officer, Lidl US
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All
Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

Leadership Council.

Beatriz Roque e Oliveira DataEthics4All Foundation Leadership Team Member Content

Beatriz Oliveira

Ardith Daly, DataEthics4All Foundation Leadership Team

Ardith Daly

Simi Hunjan DataEthics4All Foundation Leadership Council

Simi Hunjan

Youth AI Council.

Co-President, DataEthics4All AI Youth Council
Co-President, DataEthics4All AI Youth Council
Co-President, DataEthics4All AI Youth Council

DataEthics4All's Mission.

DataEthics4All 501c3 logo circle

The Mission of DataEthics4All, an independent national nonprofit 501(c)(3), is to support the work of DataEthics4All Foundation in raising Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions and providing need based Scholarships (availability on Funds) to break barriers of entry in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for girls, foster youth and the economically disadvantaged.

The Nonprofit Board.


Shilpi Agarwal, Founder, CEO and President


Susanna Raj, Secretary and Treasurer


Luis De Mendoza, Board Member, Regional Manager at Microsoft TEALS

Harish Menon, Senior Director, The College Board joins the DataEthics4All Board.

Harish Menon, DataEthics4All Board Member, Senior Director at The College Board

Eric Schwieterman DataEthics4All Board Member Head of Global Partnerships Topcoder

Eric Schwieterman, DataEthics4All Board Member, Head of Global Partnerships at Topcoder

Founder's Story.

DataEthics4All Founder Shilpi-Agarwal

Why I Started DataEthics4All

In 2016, the unexpected happened. You all know what I’m talking about. Don’t you?

Not only did the Political Scene in the United States of America take an unexpected turn overnight, we also learned that the Platform that was built to bring people together was now being weaponized against us, challenging our Political, Religious, Cultural, Ethical and Social beliefs.

I was not happy. People were not happy.

Fast forward to 2018, another historical event happened, Cambridge Analytica. As a long term Tech Marketer, it was a wake-up call for me. 

It was a wake-up call on how these so called social media platforms where we share and give important key data about our lives willingly could not only be used unethically but could also cause us harm.

I also saw how our Youth used TikTok and SnapChat sharing every last detail about themselves carelessly – who they are, where do they go to school, what is their favorite ice cream shop!

I heard myself saying ‘Enough is Enough’.


I wanted to MAKE PEOPLE AWARE of the POWER they had. 

I wanted to GIVE this POWER BACK to THEM.

I started DataEthics4All as a humble Initiative, reaching out to anyone who’d listen and agree that the use of Data extends beyond the use of AI and Ethics is needed for an end to end Data Governance strategy from data collection to data selling. 

I started thinking of ways on how we could educate our Audience on their Data Power and Control.

We slowly started building a Community of Data Ethics Advocates and Stewards when the unfortunate death of George Floyd happened.

I remember questioning myself and the Global Leaders of the DataEthics4All Community, what can WE do to protest against the racial injustice in society?

As Technologists, we are aware that our lives are driven to a large extent by AI systems and the problems we face today by using these systems in Recruiting, Banking, Facial Recognition.

That’s what led to the Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon. 

Yes, our AI systems are not perfect today. But we want them to be for Our Next Generation.

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the Change, you want to see in the world’.

What We Did Differently.

Since the best practice to create better AI systems is human oversight with cognitive diversity, we set out to host a Hackathon that will do just that.

We chose the top 3 areas of Artificial Intelligence that affected our Society the most today: Criminal Justice, Predictive Policing and COVID-19 Contact Tracing and set out to invite Leaders who’re at the intersection of Technology, Data, Ethics, Policy, Law, Healthcare, Marketing, AI Research, and Social Impact.

Most Hackathons encourage people to bring their Tech friends and ideate over a weekend. But we decided to do Algorithmic matchmaking for teams to maximize cognitive diversity.

Where We Are Today.

Today, we are 1400+ Member Strong from C-Suite Leaders to Youth Leaders, celebrating our Cognitive Diversity, Tech for Social Good and building the next generation of Inclusive AI systems that’ll create long term Social Impact.

Let’s Build a Better AI DIET World Together where DIET stands for Data & Diversity, Inclusion & Impact, Ethics & Equity, Teams & Technology!!

Raising Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions.



Keep in touch with the latest in Data Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Governance and Social Corporate Responsibility.