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MIT Inspire CS-AI Fellowship at MIT Teaching System Lab

Deborah (Ankutse) Kariuki.

Deborah (Ankutse) Kariuki is a Software Engineer, MIT Inspire CS-AI Fellow, Faculty-UMBC Computer Science Ed., SheLeadsTech Ambassador, Cyber Security Guru, CS Evangelist & PD specialist, Motivational Speaker, & Entrepreneur. She's also a Visionary and Founder of WomenincomputingWIC. Deborah is an Evangelist in Computer Science Education and is committed to an Equitable Education for All by increasing Computer Education from K-26. She believes that every student in America should know and understand how to write code- Computer Programming. Computational thinking is a key requirement for the 21st Century jobs of this technological world we are living in today. This will allow all students to become creators of technology and not just consumers of technology. Every student must be respected and appreciated and given the opportunity to bring their past experience and culture to the classroom because this fully fosters their learning.

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