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DataEthics4All’s Free STEM Tutoring Initiative brought by our AI Youth Council delivers services that uplift economically disadvantaged students most affected by COVID-19, breaks barriers of entry in Tech and builds a more equitable society.


About the Program.

This Initiative will help students in Grades 7-12 with classwork and homework in subjects ranging from mathematics, algebra and trigonometry to biology, chemistry and computer programming, alongside review of college application essays.

And we don’t stop there. We’ve designed this program to help our students with real-life mentoring, career counselling and even career technical education (CTE) in AI, Data Science, Ethics and Computer Programming through our unique community of 850+ global leaders.

Our Goal.

Please help us to support five million students in the next five years, to break barriers to entry in tech and to build a more equitable society.

Apply to be a Student or Tutor.


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