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Press Release: DELETE Act Panel

DataEthics4All Ethics 1st Live: #15 DELETE Act 

Time to regulate the Data Brokers!


In episode #15 of the DataEthics4All Ethics First Live Talks, Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and CEO of DataEthics4All and Joe O’murchadha, Advisor at DataEthicsAll are joined by California State Senator Josh Becker, Tech Seed investor Tom Kemp, Privacy and Tech Attorney Heidi Saas, and Privacy Researcher Jeff Jockisch for an exciting discussion on the DELETE Act.


DELETE Act video

In this discussion, the group considered the modern data broker landscape, what information data brokers have on consumers, what can be considered a reasonable minimum consumer expectation of their data, the DELETE Act, whether or not we need the DELETE Act or the CA SB1059, and a lot more!

“Data is the new oil of the digital era and, just like oil which is worth more when transformed into more constructive objects, when data is processed and analyzed and utilized efficiently and instantly it will have a much greater value.”


~ Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and CEO, DataEthics4All Foundation


A data broker is, according to California Law, “a business that knowingly collects and sells to third parties the personal information of a consumer with whom the business does not have a direct relationship…”, and this practice greatly threatens our privacy and autonomy both online and offline.

This is where the DELETE Act comes into the picture. The DELETE Act would “create a system for individuals to request all data brokers…delete any personal data the broker may have collected and to not collect it in further use.”

The CA SB 1059 is another possible contender for the regulation of data brokers, and it aims to enhance California’s existing data broker registry law by improving the visibility and transparency surrounding these data practices.

Both of these options are discussed in this Ethics 1st Live session on the Delete Act!


“Some might say this is a genuine and real threat to our democracy.”

~ Joe O’murchadha, Lead Senior Legal Counsel, SAP

This is a topic which is particularly important to DataEthics4All because our mission is to create awareness on the ethical use of the entire data pipeline in all of its use cases. In order to achieve this and to gain more insight on topics such as these we hold weekly Ethics 1st Live discussions where we get together with experts in the relevant field to dig into these issues further.

So, join us in our weekly discussions of Ethics 1stᵀᴹ Live and let’s build a better AI World Together! If you’d like to be a Guest on the Show, Sponsor the Show or for Media Inquiries, please email us at connect@dataethics4all.org 


Come, Let’s Build a Better AI World Together!

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