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Head of Digital Intelligence & Analytics, First Republic Bank

Kathleen Fetters.

Kathleen Fetters has an absolute passion to make it easier for customers to do business with the brands I support. For her the way to execute this best is listening to what is important to consumers around the world through social media data and research. Kathleen believes that Data is powerful but only if it can be translated into true actionable efforts which is something she takes pride in doing on a daily basis. As a Digital Intelligence Leader and researcher at First Republic Bank she has had the opportunity to develop and head their social listening and social selling programs. These programs she thinks are key in helping to identify the impact of social engagement, gather intelligent insights, recognize revenue generating opportunities and feed all areas of the organization actionable data that influences business decisions, sales efforts and mitigates risk.

Digital Intelligence and Research 00%

Social Media Business Development 00%

Marketing Strategy & Lead Generation 00%

Enterprise Risk Management 00%

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