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We are enabling learning opportunities by engaging Industry Experts, providing Thought Leadership and Fostering Community Discussions through the DataEthics4All Live Events.

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DataEthics4All Live

The State of Surveillance: AI is Watching You

Most people have accepted that they have little to no privacy online, but increasingly the offline world is adopting the same practices and collecting massive amounts of data on us wherever we go.

Take, for instance, when we walk into a retail store, CCTVs equipped with AI are routinely used to track store traffic patterns, dwell times, and inventory levels.

This can be helpful to retailers who want to boost revenues, but do we want our every move analyzed?

Join us for the next DataEthics4All Live as we discuss AI and Data Privacy with Steve Hoffman, or Captain Hoff as he’s called in Silicon Valley, Chairman & CEO of Founders Space.

Past Events.

All of our Past Events are available to Watch On Demand. 


DataEthics4All Roundtable

What is Data Ethics?

In this DataEthics4All Roundtable Live we discuss these 3 very important topics:

  1. What is data ethics?
  2. Why should we care about data ethics?
  3. Why do we need data ethics?

The Ethical Chief Data Officer

Latest Consumer Privacy Trends and Impact on Digital Media

Join Us for The Ethical Chief Data Officer Live with Michael KaushanskyChief Data Officer at Havas & President of Helia on the Latest consumer privacy trends and it’s impact on digital media.


DataEthics4AI Live

Artificial Intelligence, Diversity and Personalized Data for EdTech

Join Us for The DataEthics4AI Live Event with Yonah Welker, Expert at World Economic Forum on artificial intelligence, diversity and personalized data for EdTech.


DataEthics4All Live

The importance of open government data in times of crisis

Today, many of us in the open government community are looking for ways to help and to apply the principles of transparency, accountability, and participation to the COVID-19 response.

It is in moments of disaster response and relief that the values of open government can come under intense pressure, but can also meaningfully contribute to better outcomes.


DataEthics4All Live

Health Data Privacy and Protection in times of crisis

From tracking the spread of epidemics to making better individualized medical decisions, sharing health data is essential.

However, data sharing can be a double-edged sword.

Health data privacy is a thorny issue in general but is amplified in times of crisis, as in the current COVID-19 pandemic.


DataEthics4All Live

Unintended Consequences: When Good Intentions Go Awry

Few technologists intentionally plan to act unethically.

Most of us truly believe that we can make the world better by inventing exciting transformative new solutions.

Focus, energy, and tenacity turn our ideas into reality, however, this can also sometimes create tunnel vision and lead us to inadvertently fall into an ethical trap without realizing it.


DataEthics4AI Live

Transparency in decision making by Artificial Intelligent Systems

Join Us for The DataEthics4AI Live Event with Brett Drury, Senior Data Scientist at Skim Technologies on Transparency in decision making by Artificial Intelligent Systems.

We’ll discuss if AI Systems are considering Ethics and Morality when making decisions?


The Ethical Chief Data Officer

GDPR Nostalgia anyone?

Join Us for The Ethical Chief Data Officer Live with Joe O’Murchadha, Attorney, Head of Corporate Compliance & Ethics, Data Protection Officer at Lidl US and Data Ethics Advisory Council Member at DataEthics4All as we discuss: Main differences between the approach to privacy between Europe and the US and the changing attitudes of US towards Data Privacy.

Responsible development of Ethics in Data Science.



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