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Clubs and Chapters.

In Starting a DataEthics4All Club at your local Middle School/ High School/ College or a DataEthics4All Chapter in your Region? You've come to the right place

Interested in Starting a DataEthics4All Club at your local Middle School/ High School/ College or a DataEthics4All Chapter in your Region?

Our Mission.

We’re on a Mission to create new nonlinear STEM pathways and provide leadership opportunities to 5 Million economically disadvantaged students as well as support them through free stem tutoring, mentoring, career guidance, free essay reviews for college applications and career technical education in Data, Ethics and Artificial Intelligence in the next 5 Years as part of our DataEthics4All’s #5M5Y Pledge!

We’re also creating awareness on the ethical use of end to end data pipeline, giving the power of data back to the consumers and creating a better AI DIET World where D stands for Data and Diversity, I for Inclusion and Impact, E for Ethics and Equity and T stands for Teams and Technology!

Help us reach our Mission by starting a Club or a Chapter and Join Us in Making a Difference!

Benefits of starting a Club or a Chapter.

Gain Leadership experience as a Club or Chapter President.

Bring Data and Artificial Intelligence Curriculum to your Peers, without the hassle of designing it yourselves.

Educate your peers on their Data and Privacy Rights as well as on the harms of unethical use of data.

Help your fellow students in becoming Ethics 1st minded Leaders of tomorrow.

Be the liaison between a Global Community of about 1000 Leaders who care about Technology, Data, Ethics, Policy, Social Impact and Students from your local Middle School, High School or University.

Leverage the DataEthics4All brand name to host local events and invite world renowned Speakers.

Bring Free STEM Tutoring, Mentoring and Career Guidance opportunities to your school.

Provide a great way for students to Pay it Forward by becoming a STEM Tutor, Mentor or a Career Counselor.

Get priority on Internship and Leadership Opportunities with DataEthics4All.

Earn bragging rights for your College Applications or your next Professional move.

Earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award or the DataEthics4All Volunteer Appreciation Award for your Community Service.

Volunteer Appreciation.

Snippets from our 1st Annual Volunteer Appreciation and Award Ceremony

The Application.

Responsible development of Ethics in Data Science.



Keep in touch with the latest in Data Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Governance and Social Corporate Responsibility.