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Our Mission.

The Mission of DataEthics4All Foundation, a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Certifying Organization is to Raise Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions!

Help us reach our Mission by starting a DataEthics4All Club at your High School, in your Community, Neighborhood or City!

DataEthics4All Clubs.

Interested in Leadership and earning Volunteer Hours towards the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award?

Any High School Student can start a DataEthics4All Club at their School or in their Community (Neighborhood, City, County)

Club Officer Perks.

Network with 1200+ Data and AI Professionals and Peers from 55 Countries across the Globe

Exclusive Space on the DataEthics4All Community Platform for your Club Members

Design and Run Ethics 1st Data and Artificial Intelligence Challenges and Hackathons for your Club Members

Every active DataEthics4All Club must host at least 2 Data and AI Challenges or Hackathons per year

Earn Volunteer Hours for designing the Ethics 1st Data and AI Challenges and running the DataEthics4All Club

Opportunity to be considered for a leadership position on the World’s 1st AI Council for Youth

Opportunity to be Featured: Club & Officers Spotlight

Opportunity to be invited as a Speaker for the Fireside Chat: ‘My Journey into Tech’

Educate your peers on their Data and Privacy Rights as well as on the harms of unethical use of data and artificial intelligence including generative AI.

Help your fellow students in developing an Ethics Mindset to become Ethics 1st Data and AI Leaders of tomorrow.

Be the liaison between a Global Audience of Leaders from 55 Countries who care about Technology, Data, Ethics, Policy, Social Impact and Students from your local High School.

Great way to Pay it Forward.

Earn bragging rights for your College Applications.

Earn Volunteer Hours and an opportunity to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award or the DataEthics4All Foundation Volunteer Appreciation Award for your Community Service.

Get Invited to Volunteer Appreciation Gala

Leadership, Volunteering, Learning, Mentoring, Giving Back and Social Impact Opportunity

Start a DataEthics4All Club

Any High School Student can start a DataEthics4All Club at their School or in their Community (Neighborhood, City, County)

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Earning the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

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Thank you for your interest in starting a DataEthics4All Club

Raising Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions.



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