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DataEthics4AI Live

Transparency In Decision Making By Artificial Intelligent Systems With Brett Drury, Senior Scientist Skim Technologies.

The Discussion.

Join Us for The DataEthics4AI Live Event with Brett Drury, Senior Data Scientist at Skim Technologies on Transparency in decision making by Artificial Intelligent Systems.

We’ll discuss if AI Systems are considering Ethics and Morality when making decisions?

The Guest.

Brett Drury

Brett is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Skim Technologies located in Porto, Portugal.

Previously he was the Head of Research at Scicrop an Agtech based start-up located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brett gained his Ph.D. at the University of Porto under the direction of Prof Luis Torgo and he undertook his Post Doctoral Studies at the University of Sao Paulo under the guidance of Prof Alenu Lopes.

He was a Research Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer at the National University of Ireland. He was also a FAPESP PIPE grant holder. He is also currently an external member of LIAAD-INESC-Tec, an academic research center based in Porto.

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