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Product Overview.

Verbit – Education & disability needs

An ideal solution for overall student engagement and disability requirements for live courses & recorded media, Verbit serves as a one-stop-shop for all university transcription and captioning needs. They provide seamless integrations and real-time service at competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise on accuracy or speed. They make captions not just an accommodation feature, but a learning feature to benefit all students.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Making Impact

Their vision is to provide a technology that fuels a world where all media shared in classrooms, workplaces and online platforms are inclusive. They’re dedicated to providing universities and businesses with the tools they need to make all video and media accessible to all individuals.

In his early career as a lawyer, Tom Livne saw how much time and money was being spent on transcription. An entrepreneur at heart, he became inspired to create a transcription service that relied on technology over manual labor. He identified a blue ocean of opportunity when recognizing how many industries, including education, media and enterprise, could also greatly benefit from transcription generated by Artificial Intelligence. Livne and his small team built an AI-based automatic speech recognition machine that could not just transcribe, but caption audio and video content to meet these needs.

The technology has now matured to deliver live solutions to accommodate remote work and student accessibility and disability needs in real-time. A team of 22K on-demand professional transcribers also guarantees customers 99%+ accuracy by fact-checking the technology’s work. The result: Verbit is empowering individuals on their education journeys, streamlining workflows, simplifying lives, and, despite being complex, providing a technology that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Verbit is different from the pack due to our dual process. First, they employ top-notch automatic speech recognition technology which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and continues to improve with use. Then, a team of skilled professional transcribers fact-checks the technology to guarantee clients with the highest accuracy available. They also don’t stop there. Their team is dedicated to customer support to ensure their captioning and transcription meets the unique needs of each of our clients. A dedicated, entrepreneurial team is at the root of what they provide, which means constant innovation and updates to our products and services based on your requests and evolving needs.

Other Products.

Verbit.ai is one singular product. The product disability coordination offers each of the following for your convenience:

99% accurate transcription and captions by ADA standards

CART services with 24-hour booking and 12-hour cancellation

Ability to designate an administrator for approval flow

Interactive transcripts for note-taking, highlighting, and search

Live integration with LMS, web conferencing, and media hosting platforms

Support for translation of all languages

Product Screenshots.

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