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Taiger Omnitive


Taiger Omnitive

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Product Overview.

Taiger – A no-code tool that allows anyone without coding knowledge to build powerful document reading models.

Build AI models to read any document in any language or domain, to accelerate complex document-heavy processes with breakneck ease to speed.

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About the Company.

A pioneer of cognitive automation that can read anything

TAIGER is a visionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) company pioneering next-generation AI solutions with a dream to free the human intellect. They automate mission-critical and cognitive processes by using Semantic and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies that exploit the meaning of highly unstructured information with ease, accuracy, and versatility. They help enterprises unlock better value and better returns.

Organizations face a common problem—their returns are locked. Though common knowledge that our future will be automated and augmented with technologies surpassing human capabilities, we’re simply not there yet. Traditional automation today still generates low returns on both investments and customer experiences; development and deployment consume massive resources, integrations are piecemeal, and inferior automation forces organizations to return to humans to complete challenging cognitive work.

TAIGER’s mission is “To free the human intellect to accomplish more, by giving them the ability to work better”. The dream is to harness real intelligence in AI to augment the human mind—even for the most cognitive workflows, so businesses can unlock their version of better. Think better productivity, richer data-backed insights, deeper customer engagement, and unprecedented growth. Each organization has its own definitions of ‘better’; TAIGER is here to help unlock it for you.

Other Products.

Taiger is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Multiply capacity without costly churn: Automating enterprise operations is the key to growth. Yet, increasing your business’ capacity and efficiency to match this pace often increases costs and risks. Omnitive multiplies operational capacity without the traditional systemic costs. Its easy-to-use interface and Powerful AI tools allow business users to build and use cognitive automation without the need to code. Unlocking an AI-enabled workforce has never been easier.

Lift ROI beyond the norm: Whether ROI is about driving revenue, transactions, productivity, or customer satisfaction, Omnitive has been proven in large-scale and mission-critical operations to deliver performance above and beyond predecessors.

Put customer success on repeat: Customer satisfaction is key to recurring growth and yet it is an elusive goal to deliver due to its dynamism and complexity. Wherever real-time and hyper-personalized service is expected, enterprises look to Omnitive to automate quality service responses that their customers deserve.

Product Screenshots.

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