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We invite Companies interested in becoming Data Ethics First Organizations to take advantage of the DataEthics4All’s Enterprise Programs: The Ethics4NextGen AI Council, The DataEthics4All Community, The Think Tank, The Ethics4NextGen Open Innovation AI Accelerator, and The Data Ethics Institute.

Our Programs.

Through the DataEthics4All Programs specifically designed for Enterprise, we’re enabling difficult discussions so that we can come to a common understanding of what is considered right from wrong, especially when it comes to:

1. Building Responsible Tech with Ethics woven into the Fabric by Design

2. End-to-End Data Governance across Organization to ensure Ethical Data Use.

3. Cognitive Diversity and Inclusion in Human Oversight for Building and Auditing the next generation of AI Models and Systems.

Come Join Us in Building Racial Equity through Tech.

Ethics4NextGen AI Council.

DataEthics4All’s Ethics4NextGen AI Council helps Organizations in truly becoming a Data Ethics First Organization; building Racial Equity in Society in the Process.


The DataEthics4All Community consists of 700+ Global Youth and Adult Leaders at the intersection of Policy, Ethics, Data, Technology and Social Good.

These Leaders are C-Suite Executives, AI Researchers, Data Scientists, Engineers, Techno nerds, Marketers, Policy Makers, Law Keepers, Attorneys, Healthcare Professionals, Financial Wizards, Ethicists, Philosophers, Educators and Students who come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, age, gender, experience, expertise, geo-locations, and ethnicity.


The DataEthics4All Think Tank is responsible for Independent Research on the Unethical Use of Data Science and the Systemic Injustice in Society caused due to existing Artificial Intelligence Systems.

The DataEthics4All Think Tank invites AI Researchers, Data Scientists, Policy Makers, Marketers, Healthcare Professionals, Attorneys and Data Ethics Advocates to come join the Data Ethics Think Tank and work with us on Independent Research that impacts Humanity.

We invite you to partner with us on research projects in Policy, Ethics, Artificial Intelligence and Technology.


We invite Companies interested in building the next generation of Inclusive Technology and AI Systems for scaling the Impact of Social Good to Join the DataEthics4All’s Ethics4NextGen Open Innovation AI Accelerator.

Come Join Us in Building the Next Generation of Responsible AI Technology.


The Data Ethics Institute offers Master Classes for Youth and Adults

in subjects related to Data Science, Ethics, Predictive Policing, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Detecting Bias, Natural Language Processing, Data Pre-processing, Building Apps, etc.

Come Join Us in Building Cognitive Diversity in Tech.

Responsible development of Ethics in Data Science.



Keep in touch with the latest in Data Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Governance and Social Corporate Responsibility.