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We invite Startups interested in building the next generation of Inclusive Technology and AI Systems for scaling the Impact of Social Good to Join the DataEthics4All’s Ethics4NextGen Open Innovation AI Accelerator.

Our Core Values.

Our AI Acceleration Program focuses on helping Startups becoming Data Ethics First Organizations by adhering to the core values of our DataEthics4All’s Framework 2.0

1. Building Responsible Tech with Ethics woven into the Fabric by Design

2. End-to-End Data Governance across Organization to ensure Ethical Data Use.

3. Cognitive Diversity and Inclusion in Human Oversight for Building and Auditing the next generation of AI Models and Systems.

Come Join Us in Building the Next Generation of Inclusive and Responsible AI Systems and Technology.

Who Can Join.

Our Program is unique as it welcomes Teams from Idea Stage, all the way up to Growth and even Series Funding to apply.


One big Criteria of Selection and Acceptance into our Program is that the Problem Statement and the Magic Solution should bring Social Impact

or the Direct Beneficiary of your Problem/ Solution should help the Society as a whole, or the Impacted, Minority or Marginalized Communities.This could be but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ and others.


Responsible development of Ethics in Data Science.



Keep in touch with the latest in Data Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Governance and Social Corporate Responsibility.