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Press Release: Inaugural Ethics4NextGen AI SUMMIT + BOOTCAMP + HACKATHON

Ethics4NextGen AI Summit + Bootcamp + Hackathon

Press Release: Inaugural Ethics4NextGen AI SUMMIT + BOOTCAMP + HACKATHON

Ethics4NextGen AI Summit + Bootcamp + Hackathon



CONTACT: Shilpi Agarwal

Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer, DataEthics4All

CEO, Social Strategi LLC




Raising The Next Generation of Inclusive AI Systems

San Jose, CA: DataEthics4All, a Social Good Initiative by Social Strategi LLC is hosting a 4 day event from September, 17-20, 2020, which includes an AI Summit, a Bootcamp and a 48 hour Global Hackathon.


This unique event is in response to the unfair and unjust societal behavior taking place in our world.


Participants ages 16+ from all backgrounds – technical and nontechnical, are invited to attend, stand up and take action.


Bringing creative solutions to how we can create fair representation in data and train AI systems to be more inclusive utilizing data of all Race, Gender, Color, and Socioeconomic Backgrounds is the key focus of this Inaugural Event.


The Ethics4NextGen AI Summit will kick off with a Keynote Fireside Chat with Sheila Warren, Member of the DataEthics4All Advisory Council, Member of the Executive Committee at The World Economic Forum, Leadership team of the Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), Head of Blockchain, Data and Digital Assets.  


Other notable Summit Sessions include a Fireside Chat with Aaditya Agrawal, a 17 year old High School Senior and Developer of the PulledOver App to combat Police Brutality with Technology, Marie Wallace, Member of the DataEthics4All Advisory Council, Data Strategist at IBM Watson Health, Tyrone Grandison, Former Chief Deputy Officer, US Department of Commerce.


Day two will include an AI Bootcamp with free AI and Ethics training and mentoring for all participants, before the Hackathon on day three and four.


According to Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer of DataEthics4All: DataEthics4All is a Data Ethics Advocacy Group with 575+ Global Leaders at the Intersection of Data, Technology, Ethics, Policy and Social Impact. By making AI open and approachable to participant types from all backgrounds, providing FREE Ethics and AI training, by promoting new methods in creating Inclusive + Diverse teams and by engaging BIPOC and Youth, we’re reducing Bias in AI, breaking down barriers of entry in Tech and are moving towards building a more equitable, just and ethical society. We’re Global Change makers and Invite everyone to Join Us!!


The 48 Hour Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon will explore current hot topics like Criminal Justice, Predictive Policing and COVID-19 Contact Tracing. Participants will be challenged to evaluate if there is fair representation in current data sets and how we can be as objective and inclusive as possible as we interrogate and present data as well as interpret results.


Bringing creative ways of correction to the table with Cognitive Diversity that comes from our unique Algorithmic Team Match Making formula that pairs people up based on how far they’re apart based on their skills, they will evaluate how we can ensure there is fair representation in data for all protected characteristics and how to detect and correct inferences from incorrectly trained ML.


Key Judges include Joe Ó Murchadha, Member of the DataEthics4All Advisory Council, Head of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Data Protection Officer at Lidl US, Preeti Bajwa, Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice and Patrick Lin, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Emerging Ethics + Sciences Group at Cal Poly.


Winners will be announced on October 4th.


To date, the Ethics4NextGen AI Hackathon has already attracted everyone from Silicon Valley and Global tech-savvy, programmers, business ethics enthusiasts to the high school debate and tech teams looking to contribute to the conversation through data and political science.

The Mission of the DataEthics4All Initiative is to raise awareness on the Ethical use of Data, build the next generation of Inclusive AI and be a Catalyst in building a more Equitable, Inclusive, Culture Rich, Just and Ethical Society.

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