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Intro Session: Development and Implementation of an AI Policy

Development and Implementation of a Trustworthy AI Policy with Celeste Fralick DataEthics4All Foundation

Course Title: Development and Implementation of a Trustworthy AI Policy

Come, Join the Intro session for this intensive and activity-filled course we’ve designed specially for you.

We will present why a company needs a Trustworthy AI Policy, its impact, metrics, and detailed content.

In this course, we will demonstrate how a Trustworthy AI Policy can be integrated into current processes in a prioritized manner, including an overall data system.

You will also have the opportunity to develop your own implementation plan, understand the critical contents of an internal AI Ethics Data Board, and create various AI Policy metrics for C-Suite dashboards.

Designed for C-Suite and Executive Leaders

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the risks your company has without an AI Policy
2. Learn the various elements of an AI Policy and how to implement them  into different processes
3. Know how an AI Policy can be integrated into your Data System
4. Develop your own Plan for an AI Policy
5. Creating usage models and use cases for an AI Policy
6. Learn how to create an AI Ethics and Data Board
7. Understand various metrics of an AI Policy for C-Suite dashboards

DataEthics4All Foundation is brining a unique Course + Certification for

‘Development and Implementation of a Trustworthy AI Policy’ with Dr. Fralick.

Celeste Fralick

Celeste Fralick, Ph.D.

Former Chief Data Scientist and Senior Principal Engineer, McAfee

Dr. Fralick is a senior technical leader with over four decades of industry experience (McAfee, Intel, Medtronic, Fairchild, and Texas Instruments). Her process, product, and system expertise spans statistics, ML, DL, and AI in innovation, development, and implementation in 10 different markets.  She was named to Forbes “Top 50 Women in Technology” (2018) and CDO’s “Global Data Power Women” (2020, 2021), and has numerous patents, scholarly and media articles.  She represents shareholders and academia on four different Boards and is Managing Partner, Purkinje Science and Technology, LLC.  Dr. Fralick has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University, concentrating in neural networks, bioelectricity, and neuroscience.

Date: Thursday, December 8th, 2022

Time: 4:00 PM Pacific

Come, Join us for this Intro Session with the Instructor, Dr. Celeste Fralick and see how this course can benefit You and Your Organization.