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Product Overview.

Cleareye – Highly Advanced. Brilliantly Simple.

Technology that elevates human interaction. Their patent-pending Machine Teaching technologies deliver radically simplified human interactions while significantly improving efficiency and productivity across your organization.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Lowering the cost of AI. Increasing the speed of ROI.

They transform banks into hyper-agile organizations that customers want to bank with, and employees feel proud of. Cleareye.ai delivers exceptional customer service where customers expect it, drives short-term gains and long-term growth, and generates insights to sustain momentum at a digital scale.

It’s business. And it’s personal.

Founded by leaders in global technology with decades of entrepreneurial and digital systems experience, Cleareye.ai is here to build solutions to make companies more agile and adaptive.

Other Products.

Cleareye.ai is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Jasper: Solving LIBOR Transition, KYC, AML, and Accounts Payable problems through Document Ingestion, Validation, and Enrichment: identify any type of document, extract entities to drive business decisions, and make amendments.

Topaz: Income Verification, Credit Fraud Detection, Anti- Money Laundering, and Financial Crime detection enabling banks to identify fraudulent transactions through the discovery of hidden transactional patterns and reducing false positives.

Arya: Financial Wellness Advisor, Small Business Coach, Banking Assistant, Call Center Assistant for more meaningful human interactions as your Digital Assistant versus conventional chatbots.

Amber: Customer Preferences, Sentiment Mining, Social Credit Scoring with real-time behavioral anomaly and life event detection to gather market intelligence and insights.

Product Screenshots.

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