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BoostUp.ai Revenue Operations and Intelligence

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BoostUp.ai Revenue Operations and Intelligence

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Product Overview.

BoostUp – Turn Activity Data Into Revenue Insights

BoostUp’s Connected Revenue Operations and Intelligence Platform combines all functionality, data, and roles into one place. This provides your revenue team with a connected experience that goes beyond surface-level, disjointed insights. Discover actionable insights at the moment, move from one sales process to the next without ever leaving BoostUp. All forecasting and revenue insights are connected and are only a click away.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

The Revenue Operations and Revenue Intelligence markets are maturing and they’re right at the epicenter. They provide actionable insights at the fingertips of GTM teams that help them strategize, analyze, and execute at pace, leading to more productive, engaged, and profitable revenue teams.

At BoostUp, their mission is to pull the revenue industry forward by creating a Connected Revenue Operations and Intelligence platform that brings together all front-line, customer, and leadership roles, all data streams, and all operations, forecasting, and intelligence use cases under a single umbrella.

They believe that it’s not just about predicting a number. It’s also about empowering the front-line sales teams to hit those numbers with smart assistance, recommendations, and a user interface built specifically for them. Their secret is actionable predictions from conversations and relationships buried inside emails, call transcripts, and other automated activity data not typically found in the CRM.

Other Products.

Forecast Insights: Empower your revenue team with forecasting designed for repeatable, predictive growth. Powered by AI, BoostUp’s forecasting intelligence solution delivers actionable insights your front-line teams need to hit the coveted 95% forecast accuracy and close more deals, faster.

Pipeline Insights: Predictable revenue growth begins with a well-managed, reliable pipeline. By providing deep insights into your pipeline coverage, opportunities, and risks, BoostUp’s Connected Revenue Intelligence solution equips your teams for sales success.

Account Insights: Prevent client churn with complete visibility over the customer lifecycle. BoostUp centralizes all pre- and post-sale account data so your teams can identify engagement gaps, discover opportunities, and allocate resources to win more business.

Opportunity Insights: You can now instantly verify the seller’s judgment on a deal. How? BoostUp’s opportunity intelligence solution provides complete visibility into all sales activity, with smart deal forensics delivering deal-winning insights to your front-line teams.

Activity Insights: Eliminate manual data entry from your sales process. With BoostUp activity capture, you can automatically enhance your CRM with first-party activity insights while obtaining the visibility your GTM team needs to drive revenue growth.

Call Insights: Get personalized coaching, based on real conversations that lead to improved communication, team performance and win rates.

Sales Analytics and BI: Use the power of out-of-the-box predictive insights to anticipate what’s about to happen and take action before it’s too late. Build trust and alignment across your revenue team and diagnose the health of your accounts, pipeline, and forecast.

CRM Hygiene Insights: For the first time, your CRM is complete. Automatically capture all metadata and activity data, eliminating the need to manually enter information in your CRM again.

Product Screenshots.

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