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Product Overview.

Blox – A.I. for EdTech

Create effective learning environments for students and teachers alike with their dynamic A.I. platform.

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About the Company.

Enterprise Solutions solves key challenges for edtech platforms specializing in certification and skill development by enabling you to really know your user. Enhance user experience and boost user retention, by delivering the right courses and matching the right skills to the right users. Maximize your business value by adding value to every user, using solves key challenges for edtech platforms specializing in K-12 education by way of rich student/teacher profiles, content and feed personalization, engagement analytics, and more. Enhance student experience, boost user engagement & retention, foster stronger teacher-student relationships, enable curriculum matching and unlock the power of AI-enabled learning for your teachers and students with Blox. A.I. It can enable education providers to rapidly transform and equip both teachers and students with learning environments that are effective and scalable.

Other Products. is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Predictive Analytics: Help your instructors know what to produce/plan for, based on certifications and skills being sought after. Find gaps in content searched vs available content (courses, skills, session lengths, instructors & more)

Automate Workflows: Help your instructors automate evaluation workflows to make the process seamless and efficient. Intelligent automation of manual processes, using A.I. which observes & learns, built into existing workflows.

Engagement Analytics: Help your instructors produce content that is always effective based on user engagement scores.

Taxonomy Normalization: Help your users with effective content discovery and search on your app for downstream systems and across the site, for smoother navigation & discovery.

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