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Vice President, DataEthics4All AI Youth Council

Sara Ghorbani.

Sara Ghorbani is Vice President emeritus of the DataEthics4All AI Youth Council and a Junior at High School. She's a STEM Tutor for the DataEthics4All Free STEM Tutoring Program and is a member of the DataEthics4All Social Media Outreach team. She is passionate about educating others on the ethical and societal impacts of data usage through our various social media handles, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Sara is very organized and meticulous in her work, determined to achieve her goals, and can also speak fluent Farsi. She hopes to learn more about content creation and how it can play a role in influencing others to properly blend data and ethics. She is determined to be a catalyst in building a more just society for her own and future generations.

Youth AI Leader 00%

DataEthics4All AI Youth Council Vice President 00%

Social Media Outreach, DataEthics4All 00%

STEM Tutor, DataEthics4All Free STEM Tutoring Program 00%

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