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Co-President, DataEthics4All AI Youth Council

Rohil Agarwal.

Rohil Agarwal is a High School Junior and Co-President of the DataEthics4All AI Youth Council. Since a young age, he has shown interests in leadership and community service by participating and having lead roles in a plethora of clubs in middle school such as the National Junior Honors society and starting his own chapter of ``Start with Hello,`` where he advocated for contentedness and inclusion in the society. Along with this, he has participated in many STEM activities where he is learning about the effects of technology and AI on the world. This includes his participation in science fair, where he placed in the top 300 of the nation, and robotics where he made it to the world championships and placed third! Not only is he gifted academically, but he also is involved in many extracurricular such as soccer and investing. Rohil does everything that he is involved in with a passion and has a natural sense of curiosity where he wants to understand more about the world. He is eager to expand his knowledge of data ethics and its implications on the environment around him and others!

Youth AI Leader 00%

DataEthics4All AI Youth Council Curriculum Developer 00%

DataEthics4All AI Youth Council Programs Designer 00%

STEM Tutor, DataEthics4All Free STEM Tutoring Program 00%

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