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Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

Roberto Iriondo.

Roberto Iriondo is a DataEthics4All Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, and the Founder & Head of Marketing and Strategy at Towards AI. Towards AI Co. is the world’s leading multidisciplinary publication focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. They publish the best of tech, science, engineering, mathematics, and the future. Read by thought-leaders and decision-makers around the world. They currently have over 1800 contributing writers from university professors, researchers, graduate students to industry experts and enthusiasts. Roberto is a generalist with an entrepreneurial spirit that relishes working on fun, challenging projects. He is fascinated with creating and managing solutions connecting technology, the web, marketing, and data. DataEthics4All is proud to call Roberto Iriondo a DIET Champion 2021 for his work in Data and Diversity, Inclusion, Ethics and Equity in Technology and AI to help the Society.

Towards AI 00%

The Best of Tech, Science, and Engineering 00%

Multidisciplinary Publication 00%

Founder and Head of Marketing 00%

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