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Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

Joe Toscano.

Joe Toscano is a DataEthics4All Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, an Int'l Keynote Speaker for Automating Humanity, and is the Co-Founder for BEACON. Joe is a proactive creative problem solver with experiences and education in a variety of different fields, all of which synergistically improve his ability to creatively solve problems. Joe's ultimate goal is to improve the human condition through the integration of technology and authentic experience. DataEthics4All is proud to call Joe Toscano a DIET Champion 2021 for his work in Data and Diversity, Inclusion, Ethics and Equity in Technology and AI to help the Society.

Better Ethics and Consumer Outcomes Network (BEACON) 00%

Social Innovation 00%

Human-Centered Design 00%

The Social Dilemma 00%

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