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Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

Edwina Dunn.

Edwina Dunn is a DataEthics4All Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, and the Founder and CEO of Dunnhumby. Edwina is globally recognized as one of the true pioneers of Big Data. She started her career in geodemographics at CACI, which applied the principle “You are where you live”. After leaving in 1989, she founded the global data science company Dunnhumby which she sold to Tesco in 2011. She then become Chair of Starcount which uses Social Media analytics to describe customers “You are what you love”. In 2013 Edwina launched the non-profit organization The Female Lead, dedicated to offering alternative role models to young girls and inspiring the next generation of leaders. The Female Lead: Women Who Shape Our World (published February 2017), was donated to 18,000 schools across the UK and USA to inspire the next generation of female leaders. DataEthics4All is proud to call Edwina Dunn a DIET Champion 2021 for her work in Data and Diversity, Inclusion, Ethics and Equity in Technology and AI to help the Society.

The Female Lead 00%

Educational Charity 00%

Data Entrepreneur 00%

Strong Female role models to inspire 00%

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