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Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, DataEthics4All

Bernice A. King.

Bernice A. King is a DataEthics4All Top 100 DIET Champion 2021, and is the CEO of The King Center. Dr. Bernice is a global thought leader, peace advocate along with CEO of the King Center, which was founded by her mother, Coretta Scott King. Dr. King continues to advance her parents’ legacy of Kingian Nonviolence, which she re-branded Nonviolence365™️. Through her work at the Center, Dr. King educates youth and adults around the world about the nonviolent principles modeled by her parents. Under her leadership, the Center has implemented numerous initiatives, such as the annual CampNow Youth Leadership Academy, Nonviolence365™️ trainings and Beloved Community Talks. DataEthics4All is proud to call Bernice A. King a DIET Champion 2021 for her work in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity to help the Society.

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