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Product Overview.

Rapid – Informative reports about Rapid scan, treatment, and outcomes data

RapidAI Insights is a valuable solution for multi-site systems and referral networks looking to standardize stroke care processes and optimize operational efficiencies that help to reduce costs across sites, while simultaneously improving patient outcomes, and saving more lives.

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About the Company.

The Next Evolution in Clinical Decision Making and Patient Workflow

More than two million scans from thousands of healthcare professionals around the world have been analyzed. And that’s just the beginning of how they are continuing to redefine neurovascular and vascular patient care.

For 20+ years, most believed we had only a few hours after a stroke to provide treatment—but we were never satisfied with that thinking. They theorized that stroke evolution was highly variable, the conventional short treatment windows could be upended, and far more people with cerebrovascular disorders could be saved. They recognized that technology was the limiting factor even after an early NIH-funded, multicenter trial showed important advancements. We developed RAPID (Rapid Processing of Perfusion and Diffusion) to address this need.

As the leader in brain imaging analysis, they are delivering proven software tools healthcare professionals around the world use to successfully identify and diagnose more cerebrovascular disorders than ever before possible. And now they are leveraging our experience and our clinical and technological expertise to extend their platform to other vascular conditions, offering hospitals even greater capabilities and opportunities to improve patient outcomes for life-threatening conditions. They take great pride in the role they continue to play in advancing patient care and helping healthcare professionals save lives, save time and save money.

Other Products.

Rapid Aneurysm: Rapid Aneurysm is an FDA-cleared imaging platform for cerebral aneurysm management. Helping physicians save time, improve patient care, and increase revenue by automating the process of finding, tracking, and proactively treating aneurysms.

Rapid Workflow for PE: Rapid Workflow for PE gives pulmonary embolism (PE) care team members the ability to standardize their PE workflow and to communicate and coordinate care every step of the way—from the moment a suspected PE patient is identified to diagnosis and through treatment. Whether on the go with a mobile device or via a web browser on a desktop or laptop, Rapid Workflow for PE helps teams that treat pulmonary embolism understand patient status; streamline team communication, activation and alignment; and obtain fast access to preview CTPA images so they can reduce time to treatment and deliver better patient care.

Rapid Stroke: The Rapid stroke portfolio combines advanced imaging and workflow to enable physicians to make faster, more accurate triage or transfer decisions.

Product Screenshots.

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