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Press Release: Introducing the FREE STEM Youth Tutoring Club

Press Release: Introducing the FREE STEM Youth Tutoring Club


DataEthics4All FREE STEM Youth Tutoring Club



CONTACT: Shilpi Agarwal

Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer, DataEthics4All

CEO, Social Strategi LLC

Email: shilpi@dataethics4all.org


Introducing: The DataEthics4All FREE STEM Youth Tutoring Club

Brought to you by The DataEthics4All AI Youth Council


October 15, 2020, San Jose, CA: The AI Youth Council of DataEthics4All, a Social Good Initiative by Social Strategi LLC proudly introduces the FREE STEM Youth Tutoring Club to help students in Grades 7-12 from Impacted Communities to be successful at School.

This Tutoring Club hopes to provide FREE Tutoring to Students in important STEM Subjects like Mathematics, Science, Programming and even College Prep: Essay Review.


According to Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer of DataEthics4All:

Education is the Key to a Lifetime of Success; we’ve all heard that before but good education not only impacts the individual but his/ her whole family, in fact even his/ her future generations.

I’m so proud of our DataEthics4All AI Youth Council to be such thoughtful young adults to start something like the FREE STEM Tutoring Club, where we hope we can support kids who’re falling behind due to distance learning, are impacted due to COVID financially or just need some extra support.

Tutors can be Adults or Students who feel confident in their concepts and are eager to help other students succeed.

Volunteer Hours are eligible for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).

The Mission of the DataEthics4All Initiative is to raise awareness on the Ethical use of Data, build the next generation of Inclusive AI and be a Catalyst in building a more Equitable, Inclusive, Culture Rich, Just and Ethical Society.

For further information about DataEthics4All, visit https://dataethics4all.org/.