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People.ai Revenue Operations & Intelligence (ROI)


People.ai Revenue Operations & Intelligence (ROI)

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Product Overview.

People – Unlock Machine Intelligence

Take advantage of best-in-class NLP solutions that automate and scale complex analytics workflows. Harness your exponentially growing sources of text-based information to quickly answer your mission-critical questions.

Analyze years of activity and contact history

Automation runs in the background, no rep action required

Define the playbook and set the bar for the rest of the team

Create leading indicators to benchmark team performance

Customize to match the nuances of your sales process

See who’s on track and where they need help

User Reviews.

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AI Society

About the Company.

To accelerate enterprise

At People.ai, they are on a mission to unlock human potential by using technology to empower people to use their knowledge and passion to solve problems. The foundation of their culture is the celebration of individual differences. They are building a workplace where our people feel connected, valued, respected, and part of a greater purpose. Their success is rooted in a workforce that reflects their customers, partners, and global communities with a rich diversity of ideas, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives with the goal of accelerating innovation and fostering creativity.

Other Products.

People.ai is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Sales: Ramp reps faster, increase revenue per rep, and close more deals in your pipeline

Marketing: Fill your marketing database with bullet-proof marketable contacts, get immediate status on the leads you pass to sales, and surface the personas who influence and get deals done

RevOps: Increase forecast accuracy, nail account assignments, and dial in marketing and sales attribution.

Product Screenshots.

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