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Product Overview.

Learnable – SeDeM AI

Making personalized predictions in scenarios with scarce data is a big challenge in the AI industry. Based on deep reinforcement learning technology, Learnable’s SeDeM AI (Sequential Decision-Making AI) is designed and programmed to learn the deep logic behind each individual event and continuously self-update its learning through analyzing the difference between prediction and observation.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Learnable’s AI is industry-leading and involves sophisticated information perception, sequential decision-making, and decision rationale explanation. Learnable’s AI models can provide the accurate, personalized services that can help businesses improve performance and quality and help individuals lead better lives

Learnable is a human-centered artificial intelligence company. With origins in the Harvard Innovation Lab, it has since grown to involve elite PhD researchers and engineers in the field of artificial intelligence from several top tier universities (e.g., MIT and Brown), and chief scientists, senior engineers, and business experts from leading companies in the industry. Based on proprietary core technologies – Interactive AI, eXplainable AI and Lifelong Learning AI – Learnable builds artificial intelligence models to provide effective and personalized solutions that enable optimal decision making and bring powerful solutions to education, business and society.

Other Products.

Optical Character Recognition: Learnable’s OCR product recognizes typewritten and handwritten content on paper documents and photo images, and translates them into an editable digital version. The whole process is automated end-to-end. It has proven to be faster, cheaper, and much more accurate than human labor and any other existing products in the market during comparison tests with clients.

Smart Video Analysis: Through analyzing video and audio elements simultaneously, Smart Video Analysis can identify and analyze people, objects and events, track human movements across multiple cameras and recognize target events such as predicted human intention, which assists clients in obtaining valuable insights from daily video recordings.

Product Screenshots.

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