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Product Overview.

IV.AI is a technology company that empowers organizations around the world to fix hard problems with the industry-leading AI platform. Join Walmart, Samsung, Disney, Netflix and +100 other leading organizations via IV.AI’s team of AI experts who lead a no-code experience with human-readable insights. Organization leaders optimize their business whilst asking important questions from structured and unstructured datasets. See case studies, play with live AI models trained on +6BN data points, and explore the success metrics that prove the value a well built and socially responsible AI can provide. Unlike other AI companies, IV.AI does not promise an omniscient being, capable of mysteriously finding solutions… AI doesn’t work that way. Instead, IV.AI work with you to identify business opportunities that can be driven by AI while saving time and money.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

The IV.AI founding team came from Google, Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft with a mission to make AI understandable, validatable, and malleable to every organization leader especially non-data scientists

Other Products.

MAGNET: Clusters information based on similarity and relationships to other ideas to inspire meaningful business growth

GLUE: An AI layer that learns systems that lend context to unstructured data to ensure the entire technical architecture can blend

SAFE: Funding elaborate AI integrations from cost centers, changing business channels into smart signals that save money

FREEZER: Instantly alerting leaders of unknown concepts or important changes that are relevant to their business, vertical, or research initiatives

PENCIL: Communicates the right thing to the right person at the very moment they need the answer to make an informed decision

RECEIVER: Automate costly audio channels such as phone and video by analyzing signals and resolving customers needs

Product Screenshots.

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