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Intralinks DealVision


Intralinks DealVision

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Product Overview.

The AI-powered solution designed specifically to support M&A buy-side due diligence – organize data room documents, streamline Q&A and add clarity to decision-making

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About the Company.

SS&C Intralinks is a leading financial technology provider for the global banking, dealmaking, and capital markets communities. As pioneers of the virtual data room, their technology enables and secures the flow of information, empowering their customers to work more productively and with complete confidence.

Intralinks facilitates strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and investor reporting. Their solutions enhance these business-critical processes by streamlining operations, reducing risk, improving client experiences, and increasing visibility.

Top global organizations have trusted the Intralinks platform to securely expedite over $34 trillion worth of financial transactions worldwide.

Other Products.

Intralinks for DealMarketing™: Easily organize, accelerate and track distribution of teasers, NDAs and CIM – save time and gain insights on buyer behavior.

Intralinks for Post-Merger Integration: Protect anticipated deal value and achieve projected synergies by leveraging a consistent M&A technology platform through post-merger integration.

SS&C Intralinks DealCentre™: DealCentre brings together a purpose-built set of solutions into one fully integrated M&A technology platform suite that delivers value across the deal — from the early prep phase through due diligence, and ultimately a successful close.

SS&C Intralinks for Fund Reporting: Intralinks’ investor reporting solutions apart, and how fund managers can leverage these innovative tools to increase investor transparency, improve communications and more.

SS&C Intralinks for Fundraising: Use Intralinks to manage capital raising with secure and efficient information distribution to investors and prospects, so you can effectively increase assets under management.

SS&C Intralinks InvestorVision™: InvestorVision modernizes investor communication and fund reporting, featuring a responsive and intuitive web portal that delivers timely and secure access to business-critical information to investors – when and how they want it.

SS&C Intralinks VDRPro™: Accelerate M&A due diligence with automated setup, easy file management -including bulk uploads, document-based workflows, integrated redaction -plus Zoom integration

Product Screenshots.

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