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Product Overview.

Immuta – Universal Cloud Data Access Control

Automate data access control on any cloud, using any data platform, at scale. Immuta empowers data engineering and operations teams to automate data governance, security, access control & privacy protection.

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About the Company.

Helping the world do right with data.

Their mission is to enable legal and ethical data operations. That means ensuring data is accessible to only those who need it, for the right reasons, and in the right form. With proper data access controls, organizations can truly maximize the utility of their data.

Since their founding in 2015, Immuta has now become the leader in cloud data access control. That comes by applying their expertise in engineering, security, ethics, and law. But, more importantly, it requires a relentless focus on their customers’ needs.

Culture is built every minute of every day. It’s part of every communication, interaction, and meeting. It guides what they do or not do, and the way they work together. It influences how they know what they know and how they do what they do. At the core of an enduring culture is a set of values that they all believe in and engrain into everything they do.

Other Products.

Immuta is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Data Policy Enforcement & Auditing: Immuta enforces access control policies automatically on every query, and captures rich audit logs so data teams can easily keep track of security and compliance with rules and regulations.

Dynamic Data Masking: By implementing Immuta’s privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), data teams have achieved 400% growth in permitted use cases. Immuta’s advanced privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) that dynamically mask and anonymize sensitive data – with mathematical guarantees – to accelerate data sharing use cases.

Scalable, Attribute-Based Access Control: Immuta’s flexible Policy Builder, available as code yet readable in plain text by compliance teams, empowers data teams to create automated policies to govern cloud data use – scaling user adoption, eliminating approval bottlenecks, and providing trust with compliance and governance teams.

Product Screenshots.

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