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IBM Watson Speech to Text

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IBM Watson Speech to Text

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Product Overview.

Watson Speech to Text – Speech Recognition

IBM Watson® Speech to Text technology enables fast and accurate speech transcription in multiple languages for a variety of use cases, including but not limited to customer self-service, agent assistance, and speech analytics. Get started fast with our advanced machine learning models out-of-the-box or customize them for your use case.

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About the Company.

Other Products.

IBM Watson Assistant: Watson Assistant converses as naturally as your best support agent. With best-in-class NLU, Watson Assistant understands colloquial speech patterns and surfaces dynamic rich media — video, image, audio — to automate the customer experience while engaging your customers.

IBM Watson Discovery: Watson Discovery is an award-winning AI-powered intelligent search and text-analytics platform that eliminates data silos and retrieves information buried inside enterprise data. The platform uses innovative, market-leading natural language processing to uncover meaningful business insights from documents, webpages, and big data, which can cut research time by more than 75%.

IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding: IBM Watson® Natural Language Understanding uses deep learning to extract meaning and metadata from unstructured text data. Get underneath your data using text analytics to extract categories, classification, entities, keywords, sentiment, emotion, relations, and syntax.

IBM Watson Text to Speech: IBM Watson Text to Speech is an API cloud service that enables you to convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices within an existing application or within Watson Assistant. Give your brand a voice and improve customer experience and engagement by interacting with users in their native language. Increase accessibility for users with different abilities, provide audio options to avoid distracted driving or automate customer service interactions to eliminate hold times.

IBM Watson Knowledge Studio: Teach IBM Watson the language of your domain with custom models that identify entities and relationships unique to your industry in unstructured text. Build your models in a collaborative environment designed for both developers and domain experts, without needing to write code. Use the models in IBM Watson Discovery, IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, and IBM Watson Explorer.

IBM Watson Language Translator: IBM Watson® Language Translator translates text from one language to another. Take news from across the globe and present it in your language. Communicate with your customers in their own language.

IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier: Natural Language Classifier allows developers to quickly and easily build custom text classification models without the need for a data science or machine learning background. Simply upload your training data in a .csv file, and you’re ready to go. Watson Natural Language Classifier will return the best matching classes for a sentence, phrase, or paragraph. It lets you identify the next best actions, plus organize and analyze your data for trends and new insights.

Product Screenshots.

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