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Gumgum Verity


Gumgum Verity

Product Overview.

Targeting that’s twice as smart

Verity™, the artificial intelligence at the heart of our platform, delivers the industry’s most sophisticated contextual targeting without sacrificing brand safety or campaign reach.

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About the Company.

GumGum is a global technology and media company specializing in contextual intelligence. For over a decade,  GumGum has applied our proven machine learning expertise to extract value from digital content for the advertising and sports industries. For advertisers, GumGum offers a full suite of pioneering future-proof solutions. The company’s contextual advertising engine, Verity™, comprehends the meaning of text, images and video online, allowing marketers to safely and precisely place ads where people are most engaged. Combining that contextual targeting and brand safety intelligence with proprietary high-impact ad formats, GumGum’s advertising solutions deliver industry leading efficiency, accuracy and performance.

Other Products.

GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform is the main product of the company. The product offers each of these features to your convenience:

Find the perfect placements with confidence: Verity™ enables the highest degree of customization, providing signals for the IAB’s most recent content taxonomy, major seasonal events, and sentiments expressed.

Keep your brand safe with pre-bid protection: Verity™ scans digital content for offensive text and imagery and filters for eligible inventory based on your brand’s unique safety concerns—before an ad is served. Rest assured you’ll stay safe while maximizing reach.

Respect privacy and future proof your campaigns: You can safely say goodbye to cookies with Verity™. Their technology relies on contextual data, not the behavioral data cookies collect. Stay on the right side of evolving privacy regulations because your contextual campaigns are firmly within bounds.

Product Screenshots.

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