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Glider.ai Phone Screen

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Glider.ai Phone Screen

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Product Overview.

Glider – Train Recruiters On The Job For Technical Interviews

With Glider Phone Screen, Recruiters get technical questions that they can ask candidates and record their responses with just a few clicks with no typing involved. They just need to add the job details and skills required and Glider does the rest.

As recruiters conduct interviews, they get trained in conducting technical interviews on the Job. This also helps in standardizing candidate interaction and improves the candidate experience.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Glider provides AI-based hiring tools such as online assessments, coding tests, video interviews, etc., that allow Enterprises, Staffing Agencies, and MSPs to hire quality talent for any job role globally. They help in hiring process automation with their auto-proctored real-world assessments and simulations, phone screening tools, and live coding-enabled video interview tools.

Glider is a Series A funded company headquartered in Fremont, California with a development and operations center in Bangalore, India. They are rapidly expanding their team both in the US and in India and are looking for ambitious professionals who are looking for challenging roles to learn and grow alongside them.

Glider democratizes job opportunities by letting candidates with the right skills get a shot at top opportunities irrespective of their race, gender, or lack of academic credentials. They believe that candidates should be assessed only on the skills required to do the job and everything else is just noise.

Leading companies use Glider to hire top talent in a transparent way for full-time hiring and contingent hiring in a wide variety of job roles ranging from IT to non-IT roles across industries.

Other Products.

Glider Assessment: Gauge a candidate’s skill level, personality traits, skills, and cultural fit. Use pre-built tests or create your own with 30+ question types including video. Proctoring, plagiarism score and key-by-key replay give you confidence in the results.

Glider Coding Interviews: Use Glider Interviews for your technical coding rounds. With Glider, the interviewer can pick from a list of pre-built standardize coding tasks. The candidate and interviewer can then code on it collaboratively. The coding tasks are also auto-scored to save time and recorded for viewing later.

Glider Video Interviews: See how a candidate performs with tasks your sales team needs to do. Find out if the candidate can close a sale. Standardized interviews help you create the scenarios and watch your candidates’ recorded answers on your time.

Glider Simulations: Evaluate candidates on the kind of problems that they will be working on after joining your organization. Their flexible technology lets you simulate a vast range of tech stacks.

Product Screenshots.

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