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ExamRoom.AI Exam Lock


ExamRoom.AI Exam Lock

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Product Overview.

Fully Integrated System

ExamRoom provides remote proctoring services that can be customized to suit your online testing needs. With a diverse selection of LMS and test assessment platforms in the market, we have created our platform and products to be fully integrated to provide a smooth, seamless process for our partners and test takers.

Exam Lock: No matter the level of the test, ExamLock secures and protects your investment, time, and integrity.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Online testing has become a more common practice versus the traditional classroom environment. Students are actively enrolling in online classes for secondary and post-secondary schooling. Not only is the tuition lower, but the flexibility of testing time and location is attractive. But are all online proctoring services safe and secure against cheating and personal data theft? ExamRoom.AI sees the need for increased protection without compromising the integrity of the test or the ease of taking the test. An experienced team of developers has created a seamless platform for online proctoring and is continuously working to make our system safe and secure for the test takers and for the integrity of the content provided. With the deployment of ExamRoom.AI’s own algorithms and the creation of a registration and verification process based on the candidate’s biometrics, through FIDO technology (where all personal data is secure, parsed, and is not saved on any of our servers), clients and candidates can test with confidence knowing that their personal information and test content is protected at the highest level.

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