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Product Overview.

Appzen – Their AI learns from the best – you

Using computer vision, deep learning, and semantic analysis, Appzen has built the world’s leading AI platform for modern finance teams.

It starts with data

They integrate with your finance systems to audit your expenses, invoices, and contracts right after they’re submitted.

Understand data

They extract all words, currency amounts, merchant names, terms, rates, and other key pieces of information from your documents and assign contextual meaning to them like a human would.

Augment data

They cross-check your spend against policy, regulations, and contracts from both AP systems and other internal data like messaging, badge access, and system logs, plus external signals from online sources to uncover wasteful, fraudulent, or out-of-policy transactions.

Assess risk

They assign a risk score to every transaction. This allows you to approve low-risk spend automatically and flag high-risk items for manual review. This keeps your team focused on transactions that matter and lets you audit more spend with your existing reviewers.


Their AI learns over time from your data, actions, and feedback, the collective knowledge of all of our customers, as well as external signals from online sources. This means that you get the benefit of global intelligence coupled with specific learnings from your own environment.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Your secret weapon on the road to financial awesomeness

Their mission is to help modern finance teams lead the way with artificial intelligence. From bankrolling blockbuster ideas to steering the company out of trouble, your team is the engine that powers your organization to greatness. Their mission is to be your secret weapon on that transformation – helping you pave the way, see around the corner, and make wise decisions.

Obsess about customers

They put their customers first no matter what. They do everything they can to walk in your shoes and are relentless about providing you value.

Earn trust

They’re consistent, credible, trustworthy, and transparent. They make trustworthy commitments and deliver on them. They aren’t afraid to give it to you straight, even when it’s bad news.

Innovate and be fearless

They work to be the best in AI and beyond. They solve problems creatively and believe that all improvements are valuable, even incremental ones. They’re always learning, and they never accept the status quo.

Act with urgency

They love what we do and pursue it with energy. They move quickly, learn, and iterate.

Be caring and compassionate

They have respect, appreciation, and empathy for each other, their customers, and their community. They fill buckets. They don’t tolerate jerks.

Other Products.

Appzen is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Computer vision: They extract information from your unstructured documents like receipts, contracts, and invoices.

Deep learning: They see patterns and solve complex problems from high volumes of data.

Semantic analysis: They make sense of your information in the context of your business.

Product Screenshots.

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