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Product Overview.

Advance – ID Forgery Detection

Sophisticatedly forged ID documents are hard to detect by human eyes. ADVANCE ID Forgery Detection, which enables to detect all common types of forged or altered ID documents by using precise machine-learning models, can solve such problems effectively.

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About the Company.

ADVANCE.AI is a leading big data and AI company in Asia, helping to solve digital transformation, fraud prevention, and process automation for enterprise clients. Backed by notable VC firms from Silicon Valley and Asia, they have a regional footprint in the Asia Pacific, with their headquarter in Singapore and other offices in Indonesia, India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Sector focuses include banking, financial services, fintech, payment, retail, and e-commerce.ADVANCE.AI is part of Advance Intelligence Group, a Series-C AI-driven technology company headquartered in Singapore, with over 1500 employees and 13 offices across 11 markets. Advance Intelligence Group is committed to leveraging innovative technology and partnerships to build an ecosystem to serve consumers, enterprises, and merchants in the region.

ADVANCE.AI is led by a diverse international team of top executives, including investment bankers, technical experts, and financial specialists, founded in 2016 in Singapore. Whether developing high-tech automatic solutions, providing anti-fraud strategic plans, each member of the team is dedicated to helping their clients take action to create sustainable change. Their leaders at ADVANCE.AI are united in the steadfast belief that intelligent transformation from all walks of life will bring a better future.

Other Products.

Advance.ai is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Assurance of identity authenticity: It is an essential complement to biometric verification and authentication.

Frictionless user experience: It has an easy-to-use operator interface, and the user can finish the whole detecting process within seconds.

Cost reduction: A fully automated detecting process can offload human stuff from performing the checks.

More robust anti-fraud due diligence: Provide additional anti-fraud rule configuration options, enabling financial institutions to perform a comprehensive fraud check.

Business significance: Lower fraud risks and enhance the efficiency of businesses.

Product Screenshots.

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