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Outreach Volunteer, DataEthics4All Leadership Council

Bruce Hoffman.

Bruce is a Volunteer Member of the DataEthics4All Leadership Council helping with outreach and an AI and Data Enthusiast. With data, he sees opportunity. Over two decades, Bruce has created custom, datacentric solutions for the Automotive Market, with the last 15 years being at Cox Automotive. During his tenure at Cox, he worked from the birthing of storing data for analytics to building and delivering full-fledged, end to end solutions. Solutions enabling all the data, all the analytics, and all the services and powering 100’s of millions of views of the values every single month. Throughout his career, his day-to-day work has been operating in a technical role that brought together business and technology. Bruce started as a programmer, working for IBM, and shifted early to consulting, then being in many, many technology roles: Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Technology Manager, Business Intelligence Director, Director Program Management, Product Director. Never being one to think he can only do one thing in technology, he’s been successfully redefining his role throughout his career. Currently, consulting and providing broad thought and technical leadership, as COO for startup DocPhyzio - Instant Physical Therapy.

Startup Mentor 00%

Leadership 00%

Product Management 00%

AI Data Ethics 00%

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