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Press Release: DataEthics4All is now an official Delaware Public Benefit Corporation known as DataEthics4All Foundation


Press Release: DataEthics4All is now an official Delaware Public Benefit Corporation known as DataEthics4All Foundation




CONTACT: Shilpi Agarwal

Founder and Chief Data Ethics Officer, DataEthics4All

CEO, DataEthics4All Foundation

Email: shilpi@dataethics4all.org


DataEthics4All is now an official Delaware Public Benefit Corporation known as DataEthics4All Foundation


October 13th, 2021, San Jose, CA:

DataEthics4All was started by Shilpi Agarwal in January of 2020 as a Social Good Initiative by Social Strategi LLC with a mission to raise awareness about the ethical use of data and AI; build the next generation of Ethics 1st Leaders; and tackle diversity in tech through a grassroots approach.

In less than 2 years, what started as a humble Initiative has turned into a Movement with your help and support.

We started the DataEthics4All Initiative as a Community, a place for like minded people to come together and discuss the black, white, grey and still very nascent and unknown areas of tackling ethics when it comes to data science and artificial intelligence.

And Today, DataEthics4All is known for it’s many Programs from A Community of over 1000+ Global leaders at the intersection of Technology, Ethics, Data, Policy and Social Impact from 54 Countries.

Along the way, we achieved many firsts.

The World’s 1st Independent (no Fiduciary Responsibility) Advisory Council on Data Ethics to create awareness on the ethical use of the entire data pipeline.

A Leadership Council, with members from different parts of the globe that is the brain and the backbone to all our Programs.

The 1st ever Youth Council to inspire our next generation on the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence who started a FREE STEM Youth Tutoring Club, unique in many ways. Our AI Youth Council are active Think Tank members determined to lead & to create more Ethics 1st Leaders of tomorrow.

Our Data Ethics Institute houses 16+ Courses with 484 registered students.

The AI DIET Magazine, the first Magazine designed not just to inform readers on the AI / ML and Data Science landscape but to provide a holistic view on the topic from the cognitive lenses of DIET: Data & Diversity, Inclusion & Impact, Ethics & Equity, Teams & Technology.

Our list of 100 DIET Champions, unlike any other list out there, to honor Trailblazers in the fields of Data, Diversity, Inclusion, Impact, Ethics, Equity, Teams and Technology.

The AI Society, the first Directory that would give Customers a choice of rating AI Solutions not just by Price, Ease of Use, Features and Customer Service but also for Ethics, Privacy and Trust.
Today, our AI Society is ready with 100 AI Solutions and they’re now open for Customer Reviews.

Our 5M5Y Pledge to help 5 million economically disadvantaged students with not just free stem tutoring, but to help support them with Career Mentoring, Leadership Opportunities, Career Technical Education, College Applications, Essay Reviews and much more. Working with Tutors and Volunteers from over 30 schools, and partnering with Oxford University, London as well as University of North Texas.

All in all, DataEthics4All has hosted over 50+ Events including a Hackathon, a Summit, Tech Mixers, Netflix Parties, Town Halls, hosted 18 Oxford Scholars, High Schoolers and Graduate Students as Summer Interns, recommended 9 Volunteers for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award and we feel that our work has just begun…

This is why the Leadership Team at DataEthics4All felt that it was time to start a new organization named DataEthics4All to take the mission and vision of this Initiative forward. The choices were to whether start a new nonprofit as a 501(c)(3) or as a for profit Company with a clear Social Good Mission – and we chose to start a new Delaware Public Benefit Company with a mission driven purpose.

We’re hoping you will support us in making this Vision a Reality and we will really be able to tackle Diversity in Tech through a Grassroots approach.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be transferring all assets and legal paperwork for DataEthics4All from Social Strategi LLC to DataEthics4All Foundation. Please bear with us as we go through this important but very much needed transistion. Thank you.