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Press Release: DataEthics4All launches AIDIET4America

We are proud to announce the launch of DataEthics4All’s AIDIET4America!

America needs an AI DIET!

At DataEthics4All, we strive for inclusivity, transparency, diversity, equity, and many more values with which we feel the current AI and Data world is not representing. That is why we are launching AIDIET4America – our new mission is to build America’s biggest coalition of public, private, government, and academic bodies to come together, share lived experiences, and build the AI and Data world that strives for these values too.


America has a BMI issue, but not the kind we’re used to! We’ve re-defined BMI to stand for Bias, Mass, Index, and we’ve planned a special DIET for it!



This DIET will focus on AI Data, AI Impact, AI Equity, and AI Teams.


“The modern AI systems are Bias heavy. They’re fat, unhealthy, and mean.”


So we want to hear from you!



Whether you’re looking for a local tech leader to create impact or you have an idea for a new technology that could impact millions, we want to hear from you!

We’re a multi-stakeholder organization, and invite public, private, academic, non-profit, and government bodies to work together, with us, towards the common goal of creating global good through creating ethical technology, data, and explainable AI.


To register your interest and to join visit https://aidiet4america.org/

“I’m excited to announce the latest partnership between DataEthics4Allᵀᴹ and AIDIET4AMERICA which aims to build America’s biggest coalition of public, private, government, academia, as we come together to share lived experiences to build a better Data and AI world for all!

~ Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and CEO, DataEthics4All Foundation.

Contact connect@dataethics4all.org to learn more.

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I am a Philosophy and AI graduate interning with DataEthics4All Foundation as part of their Content Team to produce updates on current affairs in tech ethics.