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Christina Montgomery Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer at IBM to Keyonote AI DIET World 2021


Christina Montgomery Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer at IBM to Keyonote AI DIET World 2021


DataEthics4All is hosting AI DIET World, a Premiere B2B Event to Celebrate Ethics 1st minded People, Companies and Products on October 20-22, 2021 where DIET stands for Data and Diversity, Inclusion and Impact, Ethics and Equity, Teams and Technology.
The AI DIET World is a 3 Day Celebration: Champions Day, Career Fair and Solutions Hack.

AI DIET WORLD is the premier B2B event of the year in the ethically-minded tech community. Led by DataEthics4All, it promises to bring together companies, collectives, and individuals with a commitment to ethical data use and technological development.

The AI DIET Champions showcase is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate diversity, inclusion, ethics and technology champions and trailblazers within your company.

The AI DIET Career Fair provides an excellent opportunity to recruit ethics-first minded leaders and show off your ethics first Company culture as well as inclusive and fair hiring practices.

The AI DIET Solutions Hack brings Companies and Teams to showcase their ethical AI solutions to the world.

AI DIET WORLD will also feature appearances from leaders in the DataEthics4All community and presents an ideal networking and guidance opportunity for companies who want to adopt socially sustainable practices but don’t know where to start.

By supporting AI DIET WORLD, you will also be supporting DataEthics4All’s bold ‘5 Million in 5 Years’ pledge, which aspires to provide STEM education to students across the United States and worldwide, particularly those from under-represented backgrounds. This contribution supports the collective mission of building a more socially aware and more cognitively diverse community in tech.

As DataEthics4All is partnered with a 501(c)(3) company, attendance of the conference may be registered as a charitable donation in the United States.


AI DIET World 2021 will also feature Senior Leaders from Salesforce, Google, CannonDesign and Data Science Central among others.

For Media Inquires, Please email us connect@dataethics4all.org

Come, Let’s Build a Better AI World Together!