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What is Ethics 1st?.

Ethics 1st

What does Ethics 1stᵀᴹ in Data and AI mean?

Ethics 1stᵀᴹ in Data and AI refers to an approach to data and AI management that places ethics at the forefront of decision-making.

It involves prioritizing ethical considerations such as privacy, security, fairness, and transparency in all aspects of data and AI use.

Ethics 1st in Data and AI is based on the belief that ethical considerations should be integrated into the design, development, and deployment of data and AI systems, rather than being an afterthought or add-on.

The Ethics 1st approach recognizes that data and AI have the potential to impact individuals and society in profound ways, and that ethical considerations must be taken into account to avoid harm and ensure that these technologies are used for the benefit of all.

Ethics 1st in Data and AI requires a commitment to ongoing education, reflection, and dialogue on ethical considerations and their implications for data and AI use.

Overall, Ethics 1st in Data and AI represents a shift away from a purely technical or business-focused approach to data and AI management, and towards a more holistic approach that recognizes the importance of ethics in building trustworthy and sustainable data and AI systems.


Ethics 1stᵀᴹ = Ethics by Design. Ethics in the DNA. People above Profits mindset.

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