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ThoughtSpot Search

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Product Overview.

ThoughtSpot – Deliver personalized insights for everyone, everywhere

ThoughtSpot empowers everyone to create, consume, and operationalize data-driven insights. Their consumer-grade search and AI technology deliver true self-service analytics that anyone can use, while their developer-friendly platform ThoughtSpot Everywhere makes it easy to build interactive data apps that integrate with your existing cloud ecosystem.

ThoughtSpot Search: Search to find and create insights in seconds. Search Data lets you use natural language query (NLQ) to create a new insight without knowing any SQL or table relations. Instantly get results from your catalog of analytical content that are both relevant and trustworthy for data-driven decisions.

User Reviews.

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AI Society

About the Company.

Solving NLP, one commit at a time.

They believe the world would be a better place if everyone had easier access to facts. ThoughtSpot exists to create a more fact-driven world through simple, yet easy-to-use technology.

Analytics should be as easy as your favorite app. Anyone should be able to find or create insights without days of training or relying on technical experts. It should be as easy as a search. Better yet, personalized insights should come to you, before you even have to ask.

They describe our culture in two simple words: Selfless Excellence.

They put the company and team ahead of themselves as they aim to be world-class in everything they do (or they don’t do it at all).

Other Products.

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Auto Analyze: Get one-click AI-driven analysis to get to the why faster

Visualize: Tell compelling data stories with smart, interactive pinboards

Connect: Live-query your cloud data in just a few clicks

Operationalize: Push cloud data insights to business apps

Mobile: Get instant insights that move with you

Govern & Secure: Balance self-service with enterprise-scale control

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