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Our Story, Our Impact, Our Goals

Global Audience of over 60,000 people

Over XXX students receiving free STEM tutoring and mentorship

14 Courses Available within our Institute

50+ Events Hosted – Summits, Bootcamps, Town Halls

First Independent Data Ethics Advisory Council in the World

900+ Active Members of the Community

Our Community is GROWING 

as more and more  individuals 

realize the need for Data Ethics and Equality in today’s ever changing world.

New Website Users Over Time

DataEthics4All seeks to have a global impact driven by it’s multi-stakeholder model that includes youth, industry professionals, corporate and non-profit partners, academic Institutions and policy makers.

Social Media Follower Locations

Website Visitor Locations

US DataEthics4All Community Locations

Many types of individuals and companies are being impacted by DataEthics4All