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Product Overview.

Quartic – Democratize your data

illuminator™ helps you build and manage an OT data lake that provides IIoT, OT, MES, and ERP data in dynamic context to applications in Quartic Intelligence Engine. For advanced users, it also provides a fully integrated contextual data pipe to build AI applications with tools and libraries of their choice.

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Other Products.

eXponence: eXponence™ Intelligence Engine uses automated machine learning, a rules engine, and complex event processing to build operations intelligence applications. The intelligence is then used in industrial workflows for reliability, quality, throughput, and energy to drive operational efficiency actions. The intelligence created with eXponence™ applications can be distributed across the enterprise at the edge and the cloud. Intelligence output can either be visualized in the Quartic AI platform or in existing OT, MES, and ERP systems.

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