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Product Overview.

QuanticMind – Ready to unlock breakthrough ROI?

Drive scale, increase efficiency, and grow revenue with their AI-powered PPC management software.

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About the Company.

Revolutionizing Bid Management with AI

QuanticMind was founded in 2011 by digital marketing pioneers and NextTag alumni who knew there was a better way to manage, scale, and optimize performance marketing.

In its quest to build a solution to help digital marketers improve their ROI, QuanticMind developed the industry’s first intelligent bid-management platform for data-driven marketers, which leverages insights from its proprietary machine learning to increase online engagement for advertising programs.

Its breakthrough technology, including campaign optimization, predictive analytics, and reporting, connects consumers with brands to guide them through the entire customer journey–from acquisition to ongoing retention.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley with 11 global locations, QuanticMind is used by top global brands to increase pipeline, drive revenue, and improve overall marketing ROI.

Other Products.

QuanticMind is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

BEST-IN-CLASS PPC BIDDING STRATEGIES: Leverage advanced data science and industry-leading machine learning PPC bidding technology to increase acquisition volume, grow revenue, and boost profitability & ROI.

Maximize the gross margin of every paid click with keyword-level optimization that eliminates wasted spend and capitalizes on untapped sources of opportunity.

Employ sophisticated granular audience targeting options to deliver tailored messaging to customized demographics at the optimal bid.

Make intelligent bidding decisions on data-scarce keywords with natural language processing and semantic distance modeling.

Enjoy complete transparency into how each and every bid calculation is conducted.

CUTTING-EDGE DATA UNIFICATION: Unify disconnected data sets in a single source of truth to garner smarter insights and gain unprecedented visibility at scale into your program.

Integrate all your disparate systems to piece together your entire customer journey and better understand cause and effect.

Unlock peak performance by connecting publisher platforms, mobile analytics portals, call tracking technologies, CRMs, data warehouses, and more.

Optimize toward any combination of metrics in the funnel to balance volume, profitability, and customer lifetime value with the granular control to apply strategies to campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

DYNAMIC REPORTING: Harness robust analytics features that offer the management and governance capabilities you need to extract real value from your data.

Surface actionable business intelligence and optimization opportunities with a library of powerful, flexible dashboards.

Capture and report on click-level attributes with a modern, in-memory database.

Search, filter, and sort multi-million-row-queries in seconds with customizable, agile reporting.

Pinpoint tracking and data issues that impact performance before bids are calculated with compromised data.

Forecast future spends, conversions, and revenue to determine the ROAS, Margin, or CPA targets required to achieve specific business goals.

CENTRALIZED CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Eliminate siloed decision-making by linking all of your publishers accounts for centralized management, analytics, and optimization.

Manage campaigns across Google, Bing, and Yahoo! from a single user interface with no limitations on the number of linked accounts.

Make seamless changes to multiple objects across different publishers to deploy campaigns quickly and painlessly.

Safeguard against bidding on ads when select products or services are unavailable with automatic inventory management.

Product Screenshots.

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